37 Verbs to Use for the Word ace

Bloodgood had tumbled to the fact that he was "up against" threes, and he had discarded his pair of low cards, holding only the two aces.

Rutledge trails the ace of spades.

I got a ace in the hole if the weather gets wet.

Good faith, I think ye play me foul an ace.

So, my gentle gazelles, thar's my answer, And here stays Banty Tim: He trumped Death's ace for me that day,

One looks about and distinguishes a creature whose foot-print closely resembles the ace of spades.

He agreed, and I dealt him four aces, pat.

Do not always "smash" every overhead ball when a well-placed volley will win the ace just as well.

"Oh! how on earth did you make me draw the ace of hearts?" "Hold it tightly," he warned her.

Owing to its successmy opponent never even attempted to reach itI won ace after ace.

Swing, you purblind bat, when it comes to looks, she lays all over Joy Blythe like four aces over a bobtailed flush.

"That means the ace of diamonds" said the Chief"ace of diamonds, Mr. Johnson!"

And now the mayor at the little table connived at a flagrant breach of the law he had sworn to uphold, quaffing beer from his mug and melding a hundred aces as casually as if it were a week-day.

Two or three approached the French ace, to hold speech with him about the exploit at the Ka'aba, but he withdrew from them to the extreme rear end of the gallery and remained for a long time in silent contemplation of the fading city, the Plain of Mina, and Mount Arafat, beyond.

Tatyana and Mary [Tolstoi's daughters] laid out a patience; they both wished, and asked me to pick a card out; I picked out the ace of spades separately for each of them, and that annoyed them.

You see, when Mike was doin' his heavy courtin' I'd planted my ace in the hole; I'd took off the outer soles of his runnin'-shoes and filed the spikes almost in two, close up to the plate.

Cheap matter offered they to boyish wit, Those sooty knaves, precipitated down 530 With scoffs and taunts, like Vulcan out of heaven: The paramount ace, a moon in her eclipse, Queens gleaming through their splendour's last decay, And monarchs surly at the wrongs sustained By royal visages.

Here the two youths won fresh laurels, and both were well on the way to be recognized "aces" by the time Pershing's army succeeded in fighting its way through the nests of machine-gun traps that infested the great Argonne Forest.

And I have something, boy, put snug away in Dorchester town that will give us bread to eat and beer to drink, even if the throws run still deuce-ace.

"The prosecution had certainly secured an ace of trumps, but Sir James Fenwick, who during the whole of that day had seemed to take little interest in the proceedings, here rose from his seat, and I knew at once that he had got a tit-bit in the way of a 'point' up his sleeve.

Several mutual funds bought big positions after sending their mining aces to investigate first hand.

Dunwody laid down his own hand, which showed aces and fours.

The outsiders claim they saw him slip himself an ace from the bottom of the pack.

Grim played his usual game, which is to spank down his ace of trumps face upward on the table.

Suddenly one of the players threw down an ace and began to swear without any cause.

37 Verbs to Use for the Word  ace