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113 Verbs to Use for the Word admiral

captain to inform the English admiral that he was welcome to come whenever he durst.

The people in the Nina told the admiral that they had seen the day before a heron, and another bird which they called rabo-de-junco.

On his arrival in that port, Ibrahim the king came on board to visit the admiral, afraid of being called to account for the injuries he had done to Cabral.

This bold manoeuvre took the pirate admiral by surprise, and being in the vessel that was much the nearest to the Anne, he up helm, and was plumped on the shoal with strong way on him, in less than five minutes!

The rajah came first to the pavilion, attended by 10,000 nayres, and with many trumpets and other instruments playing before him; and a number of the principal nayres were arranged on the bridge or platform, to receive the admiral in an honourable manner.

Henceforth the Spanish crown found in the Dorias its admirals; their squadron was permanently hired to the kings of Spain.'

Before they could get out of shot, he was able to pour in several broadsides at close range, killing Angria's chief admiral, and inflicting much damage.

A mistaken sense of honour induced the English admiral to engage in the unequal contest.

Bolderoff and the people at Omsk were unaware of the presence of the British escort or its numbers, and while they may have discovered our joint appearance at the Ekaterinburg function, there had been no original decision to accompany the admiral to Chilliyabinsk.

He was admitted, and ascending to the drawing-room, he met the admiral on his way out.

" "That it is certainly too late to help," cried the admiral, wondering if the ingenuity of his friend could devise a remedy for this evil too.

I did not murder the admiral.

A few efforts at making himself understood, however, soon satisfied this renowned admiral that he had need of an interpreter, his guests speaking no English, and his own Italian being too imperfect to carry on anything like a connected conversation.

Whereupon the king, addressing the admiral, asked him what he thought about it.

But the commanders, who had lately seen an admiral shot for not having done what he had not power to do, durst not leave the place unassaulted.

"See here, Denbigh," exclaimed the admiral, pointing to the paragraph, "what do you say to that?" "Too truetoo true, my dear friend," replied the general shaking his head mournfully.

Cavour, when he heard of the expedition, or rather raid, led by Garibaldi upon Sicily in aid of the insurrectionists, ostensibly opposed it, and sent an admiral to capture him and bring him back to Turin; but secretly he favored it.

But the governor would not permit the admiral to come into the harbour; neither did he delay the sailing of the fleet which was bound for Spain.

All the people would have persuaded the admiral to try for land in that direction; but, being certainly assured that it was not land, and having not yet reached the distance at which he expected to find the land, he would not consent to lose time in altering his course in that direction.

Thus he becomes the embodiment of a theory or system of operations, and with that theory or system he inspires as far as possible all the admirals or generals and other officers who will have to carry out his designs.

Perez earnestly entreated the admiral to postpone his intended departure; saying, that as he was confessor to the queen, he was resolved to make an essay to persuade her to compliance, and hoped that she would give credit to his representations.

With some diffidence she invited the admiral to stay to supper, and was obviously delighted when he accepted.

"There's some of them lubberly transports won't mind our signals; they have had these soldiers so long on board, they get as clumsy as the red- coats themselves," muttered the admiral, hastening on deck to enforce his commands.

All press to join the fortunate admiral who has added a continent to civilization.

Two of the subordinate caciques attended the admiral to the boat, and each of them gave him a large plate of gold, which were not cast, but composed of many grains battered out between two stones, as the Indians are ignorant of the art of melting and founding.

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