7 Verbs to Use for the Word affray

" The "Maysville (Ky.) Advocate" of August 14, 1838, gives the following affray, which took place in Girard, Alabama, July 10th.

The body of Caroline of Brunswick, the rejected wife of George IV., was conveyed through London only by forceinvolving a fatal affray between the people and the Life Guards at Hyde Park corneron its way to burial at Brunswick.

Here, it may be observed also, the true foundation of the word lie, being esteemed still so great an affront above all others, as whenever it is pronounced to cause "an immediate affray and bloodshed.

He was represented as a murderer; the workmen in the trenches who had seen the affray, and knew that Fabrice had acted in self-defence, were either bribed or got out of the way.

I did ten years' service in Edinburgh and made lots of arrests for stabbing affrays.

As they were looking about, while horses were collecting to carry their luggage, one of the soldiers drew his sword at the primate, the Greek head magistrate; guns were cocked, and in an instant, before either Lord Byron or Mr Hobhouse could stop the affray, the primate, throwing off his shoes and cloak, fled so precipitately that he rolled down the hill and dislocated his shoulder.

" "Chorus!" shouted Captain Campbell, beating time: "Fol-de-rol-de-rol-de-ray Provoked a sad affray!"

7 Verbs to Use for the Word  affray