524 Verbs to Use for the Word age

Continuing up through the Two-leaved Pines in the same scattered growth, it begins to show its character, and at an elevation of about 10,000 feet attains its noblest development near the middle of the range, tossing its tough arms in the frosty air, welcoming storms and feeding on them, and reaching the grand old age of 1000 years.

And when I had bidden farewell to childhood, and had attained a riper age, I soon discovered that this, my beauty ill-fated gift for one who desires to live virtuously!had power to kindle amorous sparks in youths of my own age, and other noble persons as well, being instructed thereupon by nature, and feeling that love can be quickened in young men by beauteous ladies.

Moore characterizes it as "the most painful display of the versatility of genius that has ever been left for succeeding ages to wonder at or deplore."

I shall be fifteen in August; I thought I'd tell her my age, and say I didn't mind waiting.

Marius, I smile at these thy foolish words; And credit me, should laugh outright, I fear, If that I knew not how thy froward age Doth make thy sense as feeble as thy joints.

Thus it happens that in each of the mountain ranges which rise around Junner are found caves and shrines hewn out of the solid rock by the followers of Buddhism, some with inscriptions in obsolete characters and all of them in a wonderful state of preservation, considering the ages that have passed since their foundation.

The person preparing to speak was distinguished by a majestic comeliness of person, though he appeared to have passed the middle age of life; and with a powerful elocution he delivered the following discourse.

Then, as the years passed, bringing age upon me, I became often aware of something unseen, yet unmistakably present, in the empty rooms and corridors.

Did you guess her age?

They spared neither age nor sex.

It has taken Man ages to assert himself, nor has he yet, as it would seem, done more than enthrone a new idol in the place of the old.

These illuminations, as they are called, almost always exhibit some costume of the times, or some peculiarity, which serves to mark the age of the manuscript.

It was so with Elizabeth, still the same handsome Miss Elliot that she had begun to be thirteen years ago; and Sir Walter might be excused, therefore, in forgetting her age, or, at least, be deemed only half a fool for thinking himself and Elizabeth as blooming as ever, amid the wreck of the good looks of everybody else.

One day, when he was playing in the streets as usual, a stranger asked him his age, and if he were not the son of Mustapha the tailor.

Like dreams were the visions that rose before him now and then of the face of the First Woman, and of the faces of masters whoto himhad lived ages ago.

Or rather, it was the epic material which supplied that; the first epic poets gave their age, as genius always does, something which the age had never thought of asking for; which, nevertheless, when it was given, the age took good hold of, and found that, after all, this, too, it had wanted without knowing it.

The world is entering an heroic age calling for heroic women.

From Truth and Nature shall we widely stray, Where Fancy leads, or Virgil led the way?' 'On Mincio's banks, in Caesar's bounteous reign, If Tityrus found the golden age again, Must sleepy bards the flattering dream prolong, Mechanick echoes of the Mantuan song?

A large photograph of Lady Mary held the chief place over the mantel-piece, representing her in the fullness of her beauty,a photograph which had been taken from the picture painted ages ago by a Royal Academician.

Year by year you two will grow older; year by year you will more nearly approach my own age, and become, according to the ordinary opinion of the world, more suitable companions for me.

Three main causes may be notedthe lack of any great men capable of counteracting the Emperor's lack of initiative, which was always very marked, but has been accentuated by advancing old age; the superficial and malicious outlook of the capital and the classes which control it; the alliance between the Magyar oligarchy and the Jewish press and Haute Finance, working in a pronouncedly anti-Slav direction.

He wishes to ascertain its age.

If there was a man in the whole Empire capable of taking comprehensive views of the necessities of society, that man was the Bishop of Hippo; so that if we do not agree with his views of church government, let us bear in mind the age in which he lived, and its peculiar dangers and necessities.

The wood-rings in the section I laid bare were so involved and contorted in some places that I was not able to determine its age exactly, but I counted over 4000 rings, which showed that this tree was in its prime, swaying in the Sierra winds, when Christ walked the earth.

But they respected his age and his sorrow, and they said, "Nay, do not quarrel with us, good old man."

524 Verbs to Use for the Word  age