42 Verbs to Use for the Word ailments

As for the author of the author of A Message to Garcia, he holds, esoterically, to the idea that the hot pedaluvia and small doses of hop tea will cure most ailments that are curable, and so far all of his own ails have been curablea point he can prove.

After breakfast the young lady made a searching inquiry into the state of her father's health, and diagnosed his ailments in such learned words that the old gardener began to feel worse than he had done for many a year.

The inhabitants of Niggertown suffer from divers diseases; they develop strange ailments that no amount of physicking will overcome; young wives grow sickly from no apparent cause.

God will not any longer let her suffer mortal ailments.

Mr. Hartley being now, as he believed, upon the point of disposing of his daughter in marriage, began seriously to consider that he should want a female companion to manage, his family, to nurse his ailments, and to repair the breaches, that the hand of wintry time had made in his spirits and his constitution.

IIreally, sir, I need not tell you all my ailments.

A general practitioner, and one who more particularly tended the ailments of women and children, he was naturally a confessor, knew all sorts of secrets, and was quite at home in family circles.

To the question how he happened to be one of a gang of robbers, he replied: "Shairán tempted me: the Khan sent me into Kemék, a neighbouring village, with a letter to the famous Hakím (Doctor) Ibrahim, for a certain herb, which they say removes every ailment, as easily as if it were brushed away with the hand.

In spite of these fine arguments, at the end of a week I felt an ailment which I was blasphemous enough to saddle on the universal dissolvent and the new-fangled diet.

Carlyle put his soul into these miscellanies, and the labor and enjoyment of writing made him partially forget his ailments.

Who bid each bold empiric roll in wealth, Who drains your fortunes while he saps your health: So well ye love your dirty streets and lanes, Ye court your ailments and embrace your pains.

Whene'er we groan with ache or pain, Some common ailment of the race, Though doctors think the matter plain, That ours is "a peculiar case." That when like babes with fingers burned We count one bitter maxim more, Our lesson all the world has learned, And men are wiser than before.

" I guess his ailment.

For a year and a half I hung over the edge, one ailment running into another, but finally I straightened out a bit and tottered back into Washington to resume operations.

To attend to and heal his bodily ailments occupied me entirely at first, and finally, finding him ill cared for, I made him a little pallet on my sofa and kept him with me by night and day.

I never knew any ailment you had.

Cure for Shyness On the other side of the door, dressed in frock coat and silk hat, there stood hesitating a tall, thin, weary man who had been afoot for exactly twenty hours, in pursuit of his usual business of curing imaginary ailments by means of medicine and suggestion, and leaving real ailments to nature aided by coloured water.

He had the advantage of having an old nurse who had brought him up from his birth, and had come from Canada with him; and she was as vigilant and experienced in managing his ailments as could be desired.

So Joshua had never mentioned his ailment to his uncle, hoping that he might be relieved of it, and having heard that I was skilled in such matters, now wished my advice.

When I see grown people getting well as soon as they can minutely narrate to you all their ailments, my heart goes out to babies.

67. s are the pest of society; they are always obtruding their ailments on others.

The child was at first very delicate, and this added to the anxieties of the fond mother and father, but he soon outgrew his childish ailments.

" "Still having fits?" asked Kate cheerfully, as one glad to recognize even the chronic ailments of a familiar community.

In connection with the Bontoc Hospital we use two men, one of whom travels from settlement to settlement, relieving minor ailments on the spot and sending to the hospital only those patients who need to go there, while the other stays at home and receives them.

Her engine misfired continuously, and Barlow lacked the mechanical knowledge to remedy its ailment.

42 Verbs to Use for the Word  ailments