727 Verbs to Use for the Word air

they filled the air with perfume, that was so overpowering as sometimes to produce sickness.

He breathed the air, walked briskly, turned with the German military precision at the end of his score of strides, and re-entered his cabin at the lapse of the half hour.

He couldn't hear what was shouted down, and it occurred to him, even in his huge predicament, that the Colonel was "giving him hot air" as usual, instead of a life-line.

"What's the use of goin' all the way from Nova Scotia to Caribou," says the Boy to the Schoolmaster-Miner, "if you haven't learned the way to make a window like the Indians, out of transparent skin?" Mac assumed an air of elevated contempt.

" They had a small boat drawn up by them on the ice, and one man was dressed in magnificent furs, a long sable overcoat and cap, and wearing quite the air of a North Pole Nabob.

It was full of the sharp smell of pine trees, and as I sniffed the air I caught the savour of wood smoke.

"'Very well I mighty well!' was the reply, 'for you, to talk, you black-skinned, ogre-eyed, growling and sputtering robber, to come upon this roof, sticking up your back and taking airs on yourself.

We started out from the post with the regimental band playing the lively air of "The Girl I Left Behind Me."

O may I with myself agree, And never covet what I see: Content me with an humble shade, My passions tamed, my wishes laid; For while our wishes wildly roll, We banish quiet from the soul: 'Tis thus the busy beat the air; And misers gather wealth and care.

Even then I heard, or thought I heard, the dying shrieks of the victim, amid the groans and cries, and the thousand shouts that rent the air!

The prudent always have some means of admitting fresh air, or some way for the foul air to escape, by an open window, or an opening into the chimney, or both.

Jack blushed under the glance and began to hum an air from Figaro, as if the conversation had ebbed into an impass from which it could only be rescued by a lively air.

Was it not possible, in the first place, he had not completely excluded the air by his corks and mastic?

They donned the school cap of black flannel, with the crest worked in silk upon the front, and went out to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine in the playground.

Benham was coming along at a rattling pace, his dogs very angry to find other dogs there, putting on airs of possession.

There was singing, likewiseSir William Davenant's song to his mistress, and a Cavalier rant or two, and a throat ditty of the seas; and Elspeth sang very sweetly the old air of "Greensleeves."

And here he presently beheld a great grey horse tethered to a tree hard by, a mettled steed that tossed its noble head and snuffed the fragrant air of morning, pawing at the earth with impatient hoof.

Bright was the morning, cool the air, Serene was all the skies; When on the waves I left my dear, The center of my joys; Heav'n and nature smiling were.

She untied her hood and pushed it back, that her whole head might feel the still air.

It became a curious habit of Kazan's always to look at Gray Wolf when they stopped to listen, or to scent the air.

" Patricia sank back among the pillows, and inhaled the fresh air, which, in spite of herself, she found agreeable.

The masts destined to bear the conquered ensigns of Candia, Constantinople, and the Morea, cut the air by its side, in dark and fairy lines; while at the extremity of the smaller square, and near the margin of the sea, the forms of the winged lion and the patron saint of the city, each on his column of African granite, were distinctly traced against the back-ground of the azure sky.

I wanted air, movement, the rush into danger, which my horse or my automobile might afford.

" In these December days, before the watery sun had set, the great, rich-coloured moon arose, having now in her resplendent fulness quite the air of snuffing out the sun.

it will at least clear the air," said Rudolph Musgrave.

727 Verbs to Use for the Word  air