7 Verbs to Use for the Word airier

springs!not as with labor wrung From the hard block, but as from Nothing sprung Airy and lightthe offspring of the soul!

I have a Letter from a Correspondent of mine, who desires me to admonish all loud, mischievous, airy, dull Companions, that they are mistaken in what they call a Frolick.

In 1881 a suitable building for this branch of the Mission was erected, containing two airy waiting rooms, one for women and children and the other for men, a consulting room in which the doctor saw his patients, and two separate rooms, each containing a bed or two for the reception of cases that needed constant care.

Her person, too, had lost its rounded, airy, graceful outline, and had become thin and angular.

'Tis he reforms the Sot from Drink, And teaches airy Fops to think.

The custom of sitting on the Monument was given up when Dr. Jenner went mad, and insisted on it that the air was worse up there and that the lower you went the more airy it became.

Never yet have I succeeded in seeing a thoroughly light and graceful German gymnast, while again and again I have seen Americans who carried into their severest exercise such an airy, floating elegance of motion, that all the beauty of Greek sculpture appeared to return again, and it seemed as if plastic art might once more make its studio in the gymnasium.

7 Verbs to Use for the Word  airier