97 Verbs to Use for the Word anecdote

A bishop recently spoke of him as the truthful doctor: and a young girl, who from a small child had stayed with him, told me he would always correct himself if he had told an anecdote the least inaccurately; and one day this summer when walking round their garden with him she said the caterpillars had eaten all their gooseberry trees; "I mean the gooseberry leaves," she added.

I cannot refrain from relating a piquant little anecdote told to me by a French colleague, who had occasion to make an arrest, and came unexpectedly on his man.

A late traveller in Brazil gives us the following anecdotes of the Mandinga and Mandingueiro of the negroes in that country.

"We hear some anecdotes which are amusing.

Here, perhaps, is the proper place to introduce an anecdote given by Major McCall, in his History of Georgia, Vol.

One sees a picture, reads an anecdote, starts a casual fancy, and thinks to tell of it to this person in preference to every other; the person is gone whom it would have peculiarly suited.

I may add in support of this explanation the following anecdote, related to me by one of the ablest commentators on Shakspeare, who knew much of Dr. Johnson: 'Now I have quitted the theatre, cries Garrick, I will sit down and read Shakspeare.'

" An old lady in Bangor, Maine, sends the following entertaining anecdote of one of our most distinguished fellow-citizens: The late Senator R-, who, by the way, was a very portly man, was in the habit of riding over the fields to consult Judge B-, his wife's cousin, on points of extra-judicial import.

In this connection may be quoted the following anecdote, given in the Life of Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck, who visited Bath with her mother in 1788.

Let us now, in conclusion, bring forward, from the obscurity in which they have hitherto lurked, the anecdotes which describe the habits of his private life, his tastes, and personal peculiarities.

The circumstance recalls an anecdote of a similar outburstattested by Sir W. Scott, who was present on the occasionbefore her marriage.

" Possessed of such virtues, it is not surprising that the mystic ash should have been held in the highest repute, in illustration of which we find many an amusing anecdote.

Mr. Young mentioned an anecdote, that his father had received several thousand pounds of subscription-money for his Universal Passion, but had lost it in the South-Sea.

[550] On the subject of Lady Margaret Macdonald, it is impossible to omit an anecdote which does much honour to Frederick, Prince of Wales.

Mr. Croker also consented to edit the letters of Mrs. Delany to Mr. Hamilton, 1779-88, containing many anecdotes relating to the Royal Family.

"I remember an anecdote of the celebrated William Wirt, related to show how ready his mind was, how instant in activity, and how suddenly it would flash with an eloquence, superior to that exhibited by the most elaborate preparation.

It is not to be supposed that at this meal the colonel faltered in his duties as a host, for, to the contrary, he narrated several anecdotes in his neatest style.

There is in the same apartment a very fine whole-length of Charles Brandon; but in no way can I see is it connected with the work which has furnished this tragic anecdote.

" A heavy silence followed this anecdote, and then one or two of the women vented small disapproving coughs.

In connexion with this subject, I saw an anecdote of the Poet, yesterday, which is not generally known.

At dinner he made himself vastly agreeable, recounting many anecdotes fresh from Paris, which duly amused the Countess Lanovitch, and somewhat shocked Catrina, who was not advanced or inclined to advance.

Besides, I love anecdotes.

Above all, Seneca had disseminated an anecdote about his young pupil which tended more than any other circumstance to his wide spread popularity.

Poor Andrew Macdonald I knew in days of yore, and could have supplied some curious anecdotes respecting him.

She knew little intimate anecdotes of the poets and painters they loved, piquant gossip and brilliant mots; and then she was one of those women who are like incense in a room, enriching by her very presence, exhaling mystery and distinction, like a pomander of strange spices.

97 Verbs to Use for the Word  anecdote