242 Verbs to Use for the Word anger

There was a large zebra, apparently ill-tempered, which showed his anger by running at and butting every animal that came in his way.

This aroused the Baron's anger, and I knew from the cold sarcasm of his remarks, and the peculiarly hard tone of his voice, that he was more incensed than he outwardly showed himself to be.

Seek not to bring ruin on this city, and thereby rouse the anger of the Lord against thee.

"My lord," she whispered, "now must I confess a thing beyond all words shameful, and though I fear death, I fear thy anger more.

"All these proceedings excited the anger of Rossi's enemies, the journalists, the captains of the people, and the Roman clubs."

He vented his anger most frequently upon John, the sight of whose superb strength goaded the unhappy man into a frenzy, and John's forbearance was tried to the utmost, but there was a sweet patience growing in his soul which made it possible to endure in silence, however capricious or unreasonable the commands of his master might be, and Reginald, watching him critically, marvelled at the mysterious inner strength of his friend.

After that first panic she felt toward King only such anger as she had never experienced before, never having cause for it.

What more?" "Bethink thee, lord, there be divers rogues who, having provoked thy potent anger, do lie even now awaiting thy lordly pleasure.

" Dick restrained his anger under this insulting blow, perceiving, even in the hotness of his wrath, that the other was unconscious of the double ignominy implied in dealing with soldiers' rewards as personal bribes, and proffering money for common brotherly offices.

"Since we no longer possess this place," said my mother at last, "I suppose you intend to forget your foolish anger against your father, and claim your patrimony?" "Foolish or not," he cried, "I have sworn never to take it until it is offered to me, and I mean to keep my word!"

He must be cautious and control his anger.

"Far be it from me," said he, "to do aught that could bring Your Majesty's anger upon me.

Who could hold anger against such a one as thou art?"

We may remark that amid all the melancholy accompaniments of the time there are no human sacrifices, such as those offered up at Carthage during pestilence to appease the anger of the godsthere are no cruel persecutions against imaginary authors of the disease, such as those against the Untori (anointers of doors) in the plague of Milan in 1630.

Then the miracle, Mathieu's extraordinary victory, had long hurt people's vanity and thereby increased their anger.

Something in these doggerel lines excited Jack Vance's wrath above measure, the last verse especially raising his anger to boiling-point, so that it fairly bubbled over.

"Nothing, sir, unless the sole of one of my shoes was responsible," returned Jetson, barely concealing his anger under a mask of respect to an officer of the Navy.

The body of Antyllus was placed on a bier, and with loud lamentations borne along the Forum; and as it passed by the senators came out and hypocritically expressed their anger at the deed.

The rulers cannot, without incurring such general anger as would be fatal to their power, disregard our fundamental laws.

He was not there: I determined to brave his anger.

To avert the anger of the Lord, when Jerusalem was threatened by Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylonian host, the Jews had made a solemn to God, ratified by the ceremony of the calf, if He released them from their dreaded foe, to cancel the servitude of their Hebrew brethren.

You know the Prince and know his noble nature, I thinck you know his powre, too: of all your wisdomes This will not show the least nor prove the meanest In good mens eyes, I thinck, in all that know ye, To seeke his love: gentle and faire demeanours Wyn more then blowes and soften stubborne angers.

And turn away Thine anger from us.

I looked into your eyes like a dog which wishes to disarm the anger of his master by humility.

For many days Sady lurked in the negro quarters away from the sight of Madame Esmond, whose anger he did not dare to face.

242 Verbs to Use for the Word  anger