87 Verbs to Use for the Word announcements

The whole population of the town and country, to which a signal miracle was promised, received the announcement with transports of joy.

The Major shook his head doubtfully as he read the above announcement; but Mr. McNutt was the only known person to whom he could appeal to carry out John Merrick's orders.

Uncle Toby had therefore heard Bluff's announcement that he intended remaining behind when the others went off, with particular pleasure and much relief.

At length, when the paper bags had been wellnigh emptied, Jack Vance intimated his intention of making a speechwhich announcement was received with considerable applause.

As you may have suspected, a noisy demonstration followed this announcement.

At the time of the execution of John Brown for his attempted raid into Virginia, I remember bringing the Chicago Tribune to the doctor, containing the announcement of the execution.

On the evening in question, while sitting in his club, he saw in one of the daily papers the announcement of a peculiarly attractive programme at the Queen's Hall concert.

She's an 'Organizer'" Dead silence greeted this sudden announcement.

" "Dost thou not find this public announcement of a passion painful?

It was this fancy of his that led, first, to his popularity, and afterwards to the unfortunate episode of his being sent down; soon after which he had married privately, chiefly in order to send his parents an announcement of his wedding in The Morning Post, as a surprise.

But the curtain rose again immediately, revealing a scene in a servant market, with three posts on which were affixed signs bearing the announcements: servantes, cochers, and domestiques.

She had written out the announcement which was to appear in the Times and the Morning Post, and had insisted on its being sent off.

The ladies at Thors were dressed for dinnerwere, indeed, awaiting the announcement of that mealwhen Paul broke in upon their solitude.

Regardless of the tears of the thousands of advertisers who carry their announcements to our office, we shall devote our entire space to the vilifying of BORIE, FISH, the Disreputable Times and False Reporting Tribune.

"Will," said Linnet with the weight of tone of one giving announcement to a mighty truth, "I wouldn't be any one beside myself for anything.

The valet-de-chambre brought with his tray the announcement that Madame de Montalais presented her compliments and would be glad to see monsieur at his convenience in the grand salon.

" Bruce rose to his feet and stretched himself, an after-supper operation that always preceded his announcement that he was going to turn in.

Only so could the Morning Post make its ten bob, or whatever it is, for printing the announcement of the forthcoming nuptials.

For the most part it tells us of persons and facts in simple words, and leaves the announcement to produce its effect on such hearts as are prepared to receive it.

The day following this meeting the Centralia Hub published an announcement of the coming event stating that the legionaires had "voted to wear uniforms."

Having so started the announcement permeating through the community, the old man employed the office phone and called the local livery-stable.

"Mrs. Spangler," he began, "your announcement to-day I have considered to be" "Premature," she suggested.

Angela could not catch the announcement, for she had all she could do not to be carried off her feet in the general rush.

They welcomed Jenkins's announcement that luncheon was ready, but they scarcely disturbed the hurriedly prepared dishes, and afterward they gathered again in the hall, silent and depressed, appalled by the long, dreary afternoon, which, however, possessed the single virtue of dividing them from another night.

The tall man, however, took the announcement in a very different way.

87 Verbs to Use for the Word  announcements
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