10 Verbs to Use for the Word anti

Snap, the butcher's dog, even went so far as to suggest that we should adopt anti-feminism as a plank in our platform, but the Irish Wolfhound who comes from Cavendish Square said that his mistress was driving an ambulance in France and that, in her absence, anyone who had anything to say against women would have to see him first.

Election of Pope Alexander III; Frederick I creates an anti-pope, Victor IV.

Compromise was out of the question with men who had gone through the motions, at least, of establishing a government and electing an anti-president.

The porter, after some hesitation, went to explore the anti-chamber; and, finding in it only two knights, intent on a game of chess, returned immediately, and conducted the man to his lady's apartment, which, on his knocking, was opened to them.

We are not good at hitting off anti-miracles, the only way of defending one's own religion.

"Nay, so far did he carry his obstinacy, that he absolutely invited a professed Anti-Diluvian from the Gallic Empire, who illuminated the whole country with his principles and his nose.

Their best answer would have been to have pressed the anti-impositionists with their utter forgetfulness of the possible, nay, very probable differences of opinion between the ministers and their congregations.

Let me recommend a general Anti-criticism, a universal medicine or panacea, to put a stop to all anonymous reviewing, whether it praises the bad or blames the good:

What an edifying spectacle did this brace of friends present to those who remembered the anti-socialities of their predecessors!You never met the one by chance in the street without a wonder, which was quickly dissipated by the almost immediate sub-appearance of the other.

"And I cannot endure the smell of fish I have taken an anti-bias To their livers, especially since the day That the Angel smoked my cousin away From the chaste spouse of Tobias.

10 Verbs to Use for the Word  anti