111 Verbs to Use for the Word apologies

It desolates me to think that I cannot offer these apologies to Mr. Vantine in person.

In fact, I rather think God owes us an apology, Rudolph.

"I'll accept your apology when you've had time to think it all over," replied Dave, with a smile, though there was a brief flash in his eyes.

But she was at home, and might never happen to hear of the subject of my piece, and if she did, why it was only making some handsome apology.

It is enough, thought the widow; the offence was not against him, it was against his Maker; he should not arrogate to himself, in any manner, the right to forgive, or to require apologies the whole is consistent.

Whereupon he begged to be allowed to write this humble apology.

Scott wrote to Santa Anna, demanding an apology, and threatening to terminate the armistice on the 7th if it were not tendered.

All those who were spared in the field suffered on the scaffold, and the utter extermination of their adversaries was now become the plain object of the York party; a conduct which received but too plausible an apology from the preceding practice of the Lancastrians.

I shall not be thought to need apology for quoting here the stanzas in which Praed has described this scenea scene among the most affecting, as well as the most striking, that history supplies.

I shall see that you send a written apology to the boy you struck.

"Its conduct will fall into the hands of those who will look more to the ends than to the means; and success will be found a sufficient apology for any wrong.

He heard my apology with an embarrassed face.

He snatched off his cap and murmured an apology.

She shrieked, she struggled; if she made any unfeminine use of her hands, let the urgency of the case plead her apology.

There is no sufficient ground for this supposition, and Nash never subsequently disowned the performance: the address "To the Reader" contains an apology to Gabriel Harvey for the attack upon him, in terms that seem to vouch for their own sincerity.

So speaks Orlando when the Duke has met his threats with fair words; and he adds an apology: Pardon me, I pray you; I thought that all things had been savage here, And therefore put I on the countenance Of stern commandment.

This loss of confidence, with its consequences, occurred in 1837, and afforded the apology of the banks for their suspension.

" Paul muttered an apology, but he did not turn away from the photograph.

I must have waited quite a long time, though the golden minutes sped unreckoned, for when my two colleagues arrived they tendered needless apologies.

It is true, the doctor might furnish an apology; but, your strictly religious people, when they undertake the care of other people's consciences, do not often descend to these particulars.

He was rather passionate in his temper, impatient of contradiction, and quick in his resentments; but, upon any ingenuous concession, was placable and ready to admit an apology.

I shall also leave out the apologies with which you severally thought fit to preface your stories of yourselves, though they were very seasonable in their place, and proceeded from a proper diffidence, because I must not swell my work to too large a size.

Nevertheless, the ensuing pause was long enough to make me feel uneasy, and my companion only broke it as I was in the act of framing an apology.

"Gentlemen," I said, "I have been unexpectedly called upon my legs" Then I stammered an apology for using the word in that company, and the laughter was unbounded.

His children often used to translate out of Latin, into English, and out of English into Latin, and Dr. Stapleton observes, that he hath seen an apology of Sir Thomas

111 Verbs to Use for the Word  apologies