20 Verbs to Use for the Word asset

In the past he had made it a pet hobby to rise in as short a space as possible; and now this faculty seemed destined to prove a valuable asset in their speedy climbing up.

We have been surprised at discovering the assets to be so small.

But first of all, with your permission, shall we also review the assets in your life which we will have to use in order to arrive at the gratification of your earnest wish?" "Assets?

These qualities constitute the most valuable assets on which to create a new concern.

He had died bankrupt of prestige, leaving no visible assets to his successor.

Pope's attack did destroy her best asset, her growing reputation as an author, but instead of following Savage's ill-natured advice to turn washerwoman, she remained loyal to her profession and in her later novels gained greater success than she had ever before enjoyed.

Lastly, it would argue worse than ingratitude to pass over my obligation to the admirable readers of the Clarendon Press, whose marvellous accuracy in the most diverse fields and whose almost infallible vigilance form a real asset of English scholarship.

He was now waiting to hand over the assets to the assignees, and leave the house which was no longer his.

But I do know his idea of duty does not include keeping such a valuable asset as a bright and beautiful niece hid away for his solitary joy.

National banks and many others were forbidden in their charters to lend on the security of real-estate, the farmer's one business asset.

Thus under the mandatory system Germany lost her territorial assets, which might have greatly reduced her financial debt to the Allies, while the latter obtained the German colonial possessions without the loss of any of their claims for indemnity.

The future senator packed his few assets, including the sign that had hung outside of his office, upon a burro and started for Georgetown, a mining town farther up in the hills.

The reverse is the rule in these modern times, when women are the most ardent and persistent proselytizers of the various sects, a custom which recalls the remark of a distinguished lawyer who failed to recover any assets from a notorious bankrupt he was pursuing for the defrauded creditors: "This man has everything in his wife's nameeven his religion.

Then we will execute a contract between Horse's Neck and Lallapaloosa by the terms of which the old bankrupt corporation will sell to the new corporation all its assets for one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.

" This declaration struck him as being sinful and almost infidel in its radicalism, and yet it seemed to open the way to a logical reason why some titled bachelor of damaged reputation and tottering finances might balance his poor assets against a dowry and a social position, even though he would be compelled to figure Kalora into the bargain.

Sharon's reply, in a voice eminently soothing and by that calculated further to irritate the novice, was in effect that Rapp, Senior, might safely wager his available assets that Sharon Whipple could do better.

But for the sake of his four children he determined to make an attempt to escape, and accordingly, a few days later, the family, having collected together all their available and easily transported assets, hitched up their wagon and drove away in the dead of night.

Now under the general property tax, strictly interpreted, the policies are assessable at their surrender or reserve valuation in the hands of the policy holders; secondly, the securities and credits which compose the assets are assessable to the company; and, thirdly, the railroads, factories, and houses, built with the outstanding loans made by the insurance companies, are assessable as tangible wealth, to the owners.

As Mr. Micawber would have expressed it, they convert their assets into portable property.

Indeed, speaking generally, they valued Louis XVI, living, cheaply enough, counting him a more considerable asset if dead.

20 Verbs to Use for the Word  asset