429 Verbs to Use for the Word attention

After that, I made the 'round of the house again; paying particular attention to the props that supported the study door.

But, what attracted my attention, more than even the stupendous split itself, was a great hole, some distance down the cleft, and right in the angle of the V. It was clearly defined, and not unlike an arched doorway in shape; though, lying as it did in the shadow, I could not see it very distinctly.

Cullen called the attention of the dogs to it, and hallooed them on.

After a few moments I turned my attention to my ambassador.

I had gone, perhaps, some thirty paces, when a cry from Pepper, drew my attention, and I turned, stiffly, toward him.

Having mastered this convincing argument, and become greatly confused by its plausibility, Mr. SIMPSON next gave some attention to what was going on around him in the Office, and allowed his overwrought mind to relax cheerfully in contemplation thereof.

The farm house of Hougoumont, where some of the most furious fighting of the day took place, received his special attention.

A basket of school readers was once lodged with me, with a request that I direct my attention to the absurd selection of the poems.

Specimens were shortly afterward procured by Drummond near the sources of the Athabasca River, between the fifty-fourth and fifty-sixth parallels; and it has been collected by nearly all of the numerous exploring expeditions undertaken of late through our Western States and Territories; for it never fails to engage the attention of naturalists in a very particular manner.

A variety of other occupations, equally indispensable, claimed their attention, and would leave but a comparatively small portion of time for needlework: that in thus providing themselves with employment at home, they at least saved the time of going backwards and forwards, and were spared some trips to market, for the sale of vegetables to pay, as would then be necessary, for the work done by others.

This time he did not require as much attention.

| | | | The above specially deserves the attention of those | | visiting out city.

Of all the causes that arrest public attention, surely this laying of wooden pavement is the most enduring and effectual.

The thought occupied my attention for a full minute; then I commenced to eat again.

I simply want to invite your attention to the fact.

It was some time before I could fix my attention on what I read; but after a while, the interest the book had previously excited returned, and I became at length so engrossed by the incidents of the story, as to forget the festival, the procession, the tiger, and the elephant, as much as if they had never before entered my head.

Sure I am that I had still strength enough to turn away my eyes from his gaze, at least for a time; but no other occurrence had power to divert my attention from the things already mentioned, and upon which I had deeply pondered.

We finally came to the conclusion that our old town was dead beyond redemption or revival, and we thereupon devoted our undivided attention to our railroad contract.

3. The Church appears to demand internal attention at prayer, for although she has not given any positive precept dealing with this kind of attention, she does the same thing when she commands that the recitation of the Divine Office take the form of prayer for God's honour, and this recitation of words cannot be true prayer without internal attention.

These and other matters pass through my mind, as I meditate; and help to distract my attention, for a while, from the oppressive thoughts of the night.

They soon fell into conversation about the place they had left, when the mention of Shunah Shoo's name excited my attention.

There are some who say that Jesus has held the attention and allegiance of the race by an appeal to the religious instinct; that all men naturally seek God, and long to know Him.

With the morbidness of those who delight in concentrating attention upon their own sufferings, he had pulled off the loosened bandage with his teeth and held up the stump for inspection, and Evadne had laid her cool, soft hands on either side of the unsightly mass of red and angry flesh and was holding them there while she talked!

Indeed, on the last occasion, she even ventured to address me, on her own account, with regard to some household matter that needed attention.

But the movement of the hand and the look of the eyes had not escaped Mary's attention; her voice betrayed some surprise as she said: "It's only that I just happened to notice that combination knife-and-fork lying there, and I wondered who" The article in question lay among some half-dozen ordinary knives and forks.

429 Verbs to Use for the Word  attention