70 Verbs to Use for the Word average

This amount of atmospheric resistance, however, exceeds the average, and in some of the experiments for ascertaining the atmospheric resistance, a part of the resistance due to the curves and irregularities of the line has been counted as part of the atmospheric resistance.

In France, taking a rough average of all ranks and periods, British troops got leave once a year.

In the British army, from 1793 to 1815, including twenty-one years of war, and excluding 1802, the year of peace, the number of officers varied from 3,576 in the first year to 13,248 in 1813, and the men varied from 74,500 in 1793 to 276,000 in 1813, making an annual average of 9,078 officers and 189,200 men, and equal to 199,727 officers and 4,168,500 men serving one year.

In shipping returns and the like we are given averages; why are we told nothing at all of the milder experiences of our soldier prisoners?

Peter Gaillard of St. John's Berkeley received for his crop of the same year an average of $340 per hand; and William Brisbane of St. Paul's earned so much in the three years from 1796 to 1798 that he found himself rich enough to retire from work and spend several years in travel at the North and abroad.

He keeps eighty men embroiderers constantly employed, and pays them an average of 18 cents a day.

They sold an average of five large and five small pictures for him every year.

But, unfortunately, there were no Life Insurance Companies among the Macrobians, and therefore nothing to bring down this formidable average to a reliable schedule,such as accurately informs every modern man how long he may live honestly, without defrauding either his relict or his insurers.

It thus keeps up its average of health and diminishes its rate of mortality; but the sum and the rates of sickness and mortality in the community are both thereby increased.

Let us sacrifice ourselves, and, above all, our children, to raise the general average of human invention and attainment to the highest possible mark.

Taking the railways quoted as representing a fair average of the whole, we ascertain that more than one-fourth of the expense of our railways is incurred for extras comparatively unknown in the United States.

I add the news of both together, divide by two to strike a fair average, and then ask Horace, or Charles Baxter, or the Scotch Preacher what really happened.

The rate is probably now at its permanent maximum, taking the whole country together,the increase in New England having nearly ceased, while west of the Mississippi it has not reached its average.


The fertility of the fields certainly varies very much; but, when it is considered that the land in the Philippines is never fertilized, but depends, for the maintenance of its vitality, exclusively upon the overflowing of the mud which is washed down from the mountains, it may be believed that the first numbers better express the true average.

Mr. Tower states that his flock produces an average of 2 1/3 oz. of down annually from each animal.

I have found the average of scientific men, not less, but more, godly and righteous men than the average of their neighbours; and I can trust that this will be more and more the case as science deepens and widens.

These districts embrace an average of twelve thousand apprenticessome more and some less.

The primary school system of Norway costs an average of $5.60 per child per year in the country, and $13.16 per child in the city, or $1.26 per capita of population in a year.

And so it is,-not because men nowadays, if they were put to it, could not, on the average, write as good letters as ever (the average although we certainly have no Lambs, and perhaps no Walpoles or Southeys to raise it, would probably be higher), but because the conditions that call for and develop the epistolary art have largely passed away.

The squadron constituted as assumed would require an average of about 160 tons of fresh water a day, and nearly 30,000 tons in six months.

It is estimated that each of the guns fired an average of three shots a minute and that 1,000,000 projectiles and charges of ammunition were used.

We entered the pack with 342 tons of coal and left with 281 tons; we have, therefore, expended 61 tons in forcing our way throughan average of 6 miles to the ton.

Found that he was a base-ball rooter and had been handing out the batting averages of the Chicagos for his answers.

For the last two seasons he had been the star man, going in first, and heading the averages easily at the end of the season; and the three captains under whom he had played during his career as a Wrykynian, Burgess, Enderby, and Henfrey, had always been sportsmen to him.

70 Verbs to Use for the Word  average
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