21 Verbs to Use for the Word axles

Early next morning we blocked up our car and took off the rear axle, uncoupled the differential case and found everything there intact.

When they entered, he and two other men were making the axle of a wheel.

" "How's that?" "Take hold here and help me lift this axle and steady it.

Their first trouble after leaving the Missouri was with the carts; their construction in all its details had been dictated from on high, but the dust of the parched prairie sifted into the wooden hubs, and ground the axles so that they broke.

Father had, shortly before, bought a fine Morgan mare and a light wagon which served as a family carriage, having wooden axles and a seat arranged on wooden springs, and they finally decided they would let me take the horse and wagon and go on with uncle, and father and mother would come by water, either by way of the St. Lawrence river and the lakes or by way of the new canal recently built, which would take them as far as Buffalo.

Never were moments of greater importance; for while father and uncle were hewing a new axle, two men came from the head of the company to tell about the snow.

In an hour or two the rain soaked down into the light earth, and any lorry driver pulling out of the line to avoid a skidding vehicle ahead, had the almost certainty of finding his car and load come to a full stop with the wheels held fast axle deep in the soft soil.

" While Dick and Sam jacked up the axle of the automobile and put on a new tireinner tube and shoe combinedSam set to work and cleaned up the roadway, throwing all the glass into the bushes.

As the keys were supposed to hold the gears tight and the set-screws were only for the purpose of keeping the axle from working out, it was idle to expect the screws to hold fast so long as the keys were loose in the ways; the slight play of the gears upon the axles would soon loosen screws, in fact, both were found loose, although tightened up only the evening before.

The guard plates are in these cases generally of equal length, the frames being curved upward to pass over the driving axle.

The blockheads who oiled your wheels yesterday have screwed up your patent axles too tightly; the friction is enormous; the hotter the metal gets, the greater grows the friction; your horse's work is quadrupled.

The other end of the chain was fastened round an axle in the mill, and when all was ready, the man would set the axle in motion by the machinery, and that would draw the log up.

He is glad when his motorcar gets held up by some old wagons slithering axle-deep in the quagmire on the side of the paved highway, so that he can put his head out and shout a "Hullo, boys!

" I had just begun to grease my farm wagon and was experiencing some difficulty in lifting and steadying the heavy rear axle while I took off the wheel.

"And I'll just block her up and take off the wheel, and I reckon the blacksmith can straighten that axle easy.

The bearings to which the connecting rods are attached are made with very large fillets in the corners, so as to strengthen the axle in that part, and to obviate side play in the connecting rod.

In this outside compartment is placed a hollow copper ball attached to a lever, which turns the axle or pivot of the cock.

Mr. Bennett had gone only a short distance out when he had the misfortune to break the axle of his wagon and he then went back to camp and took an axle out of the dead man's wagon and by night had it fitted into his own.

A new waggon-wheel was taken and twirled round an axle, which had never been used before, until the friction elicited fire.

This difficulty has been overcome by cutting the axle in two and placing between the ends a series of gears which permit the two wheels to revolve at different speeds and also apply the power to both alike.

The people could not be induced to use a cart with movable wheels which was imported from America, nor will they even grease their axles, because the noise is held to drive away witches.

21 Verbs to Use for the Word  axles