8 Verbs to Use for the Word badness

You don't know all the badness of the black man's heart.

If a man be bad and sinful, can he be saved from eternal death without curing his badness and sinfulness?

You can't educate all the badness out of children.

Lord Maulevrier was out of health and feeble, and grumbled a good deal about the fatigue of the journey, the badness of the weather, which was dull and cold, east winds all day, and a light frost morning and night.

Therefore the starosta shook his head at the sunset, and forgot to regret the badness of the times from a commercial point of view.

She whimpered and laughed, like a little naughty boy, called to account for mischief, and pretending surprised innocence, yet secretly at once enjoying and repenting his own badness; and so we had to let her alone.

Only they conceal their badness, and it isn't good for them.

Lord Byron suffered a badness of temper to corrode him in the flower of his days.

8 Verbs to Use for the Word  badness