26 Verbs to Use for the Word bailing

Icilius, therefore, with Numitorius, the uncle of the maiden, boldly argued against the legality of the judgment, and at length Appius, fearing a tumult, agreed to leave the girl in their hands on condition of their giving bail to bring her before him next morning; and then, if Virginius did not appear, he would at once, he said, give her up to her pretended master.

"They won't accept bail," he reported.

" When the two brothers had thus sworn, the two armies, officers and men, took, in their turn, a similar oath, going bail, in a mass, for the engagements of their kings.

His great private wealth enabled him the other day to find bail, at a moment's notice, to the amount of £40,000.

There are many othersmany who are not workmen from whom has come money for your strike funds and to offer bail when arrests have been made.

"Ladley is safe, until he gets bail, anyhow," he said.

He locked up Mershone, refusing bail.

He had been inclined to blame Wild for his misfortunes, but our hero boldly attacked him for giving credit to the count, and this degree of impudence convinced both Heartfree and his wife of Wild's innocence, the more so as the latter promised to procure bail for his friend.

He had obtained bail and was at large.

But the magistrate would not grant bail.

They would certainly, he said, be arrested for breaking their bail at whatever port they might reach,and why should they go, seeing that the money had been paid to them on the distinct understanding that they were not pledged to abandon the prosecution.

Eventually they told me it removed the left bail, and struck the wicket-keeper a fearful blow on the chest.

Once a month he presents himself at the church, to keep off the church-warden, and brings in his body to save his bail.

So Tony was indicted by the People of the State of New York for a felony, and a learned judge of the General Sessions set his bail at fifteen hundred dollars; and Hogan had his victim where he wanted him and where he could keep him until he had bled his mother white of all she had or might ever hope to have in this world.

Their functions have been greatly curtailed, and now amount to little more than administering oaths, and in some cases issuing warrants and taking bail.

He backed all round the standings, treading on recumbent horses, tripping over bails, knocking uprights flat and bringing acres of tin roofing clattering down upon our heads, Isabella encouraging him with ringing fanfares of applause.

You may conjecture what heavenly peace came in when the Asian went out, but there is no one to tell what havoc was wrought on board ship; in fact, if there could have been such a thing as a witch, I should believe that imp sunk them, for a stray Levantine brig picked herstill agile as a monkeyfrom a wreck off the Cape de Verdes and carried her into Leghorn, where she tookwill you mind, if I say?leg-bail, and escaped from durance.

They then proceeded to indict capitally, and demand bail of each of the persons who had been the promoters of the disorder and riot.

Pee-wee just emptied the bailing can down my neck.

But, sir, I sued you at the Court of Heaven, and Jesus entered bail for you, and has agreed to pay me; I have therefore given you a discharge!' "'But I insist upon it,' said the man; 'matters shall not be left so.'

He fixed a pretty stiff bail, but the local lawyer was there with a bondsman, and I came back.

If he cannot furnish bail, he is committed to jail or left in charge of the officer.

I am bound to gaol, my friends,having no bail,so" "Bail!

And run we did, for the umpire forgot to call "lost ball," and we should have been running still but for the ingenuity of one of our opponents; for, whilst all were busily engaged in searching among the grass, a red-faced yokel stole up unawares, with an innocent expression on his face, raced poor "Podder" down the pitch, produced the ball from his trouser pocket, and knocked off the bails in the nick of time.

By sheer audacity I got into the police-court, addressed the magistrate, too astounded by my profound courtesy and calm assurance to remember that I had no right there, and then produced bail after bail of the most undeniable character and respectability, which no magistrate could refuse.

26 Verbs to Use for the Word  bailing