40 Verbs to Use for the Word bananas

Whatever his position with respect to it, he seemed not for an instant to lose his motive, and to whatever part of the cage he went and whatever he did during the interval of observation was evidently guided by the strong desire to obtain the banana.

Then, too, it's cheaper to live that way and to eat bananas.

Chief among them were three attempts to reach the banana from different positions on the left wall of the cage (as the experimenter faced the laboratory); two attempts to reach it from different positions on the right wall; two from the large box in positions nearly under the banana; two from the large box with the aid of the experimenter's hand; and one from the distant end of the cage(?).

BANANA DAINTY Cut the bananas in half crosswise and arrange them on a plate, radiating from the center.

Julius looked into the box through one end, and seeing the banana, reached for it.

But he did not see this, and only after several seconds when he happened to walk to that end of the box did he discover the banana.

As soon as a stick was placed in his cage, he grasped it and used it in a very definite, although unskillful, way to pull the banana toward him.

It was the expectation of the experimenter that the pole would be used to push the banana through the box, but as a matter of fact the ape used it, first of all, to pull the food toward him, thus indicating a natural tendency which is important in connection with the statements just made.

They kneel before the altar, holding in either hand a small wooden block, about-five inches long, which resembles a split banana.

(10) When told that Julius was very hungry and wanted the banana, he repeated efforts similar to those described in (3) and (6).

When cool, add sliced bananas or whole strawberries, whortleberries, raspberries, blackberries, sliced apricots, or peaches.

Skirrl almost immediately noticed the banana and tried to get it by gnawing at the box.

Whereupon he placed a dead-looking banana across a mound of ice-cream, poured on colored juices as though to mark the fatal wound and offered it to me.

Thus on April 2, 3 and again on the 5th, by fortunate combinations of circumstances, he succeeded in getting the banana, contrary to the intention of the experimenter.

Skin and slice the bananas.

Finally, he placed his feet on the broom where the handle joins the splints, seized the handle near the top with his hands, drew himself up as far as possible, and then launched himself in the air and tried to seize the banana.

The paw-paw tree (annona triloba) produces a fruit somewhat resembling in taste and shape the fig-banana, but certainly much inferior to that delicious fruit.

He pushed it in beside the first, and as it happened, shoved the banana out of the opposite end of the box.

You can skin the banana.

(6) The six-foot stick was taken up and an attempt was made to strike the banana and thus dislodge it, but it was too securely fastened to be obtained thus.

Evidently the box had suggested to him the banana.

He thrust a damp banana in the Babe's hand and closed the door softly.

They traded the bananas, oil, and other things which they had brought for things to take home like mirrors, clocks, and white people's clothes.

He found the Creole, full of anecdote, superstition and pride, even when he was earning an occasional meal by helping to unload bananas, or to carry away the refuse from the fish stores.

You may also use bananas, pineapples or oranges.

40 Verbs to Use for the Word  bananas