182 Verbs to Use for the Word baser

Night drew near before I reached the eastern base of the mountain, and my camp lay many a rugged mile to the north; but ultimate success was assured.

As there was nothing more to be seen here, I turned above the hollow of our cove, skirted the base of the hill, and so down to the beach.

In line with the same play, when the runner is called out and the fourth ball at the same time is called on the batter, the chief umpire should turn to the spectators and to the press box and make it clearly understood that the batter has been given a base on balls.

Sliding was out of the question, and the "House of Lords" having amused themselves for a time by capturing small boys and throwing them into the snow-drift, some one remarked that it would be good fun to build a snow man; which proposition was received with acclamation, and all hands were soon hard at work rolling the big balls which were to form the base of the statue.

A road leads round its base, passing between a circular mound overlooking the "old harbour," and the yard where the concrete blocks are fashioned for the strengthening of the pier.

"Yes, we'll change our base, and go back to the cabin," Max said aloud; "keep the guns ready for business, and if an attack is made shoot straight!" Of course this admonition was delivered in a loud tone, mostly to warn the unseen party, who might be hovering near; but both gun-bearers gave evidence of meaning to profit by the advice.

" Lifting the slight figure in his arms, the young man hurried on, and soon came out through a shattered gateway into the shrubbery which surrounds the base of the castle.

Wild roses were already putting forth their leaves in various fissures of the rocks, where earth had been placed for their support, and the margin of the little stream, that actually washed the base of the cliff, winding off in a charming sweep through the meadows, a rivulet of less than twenty feet in width, was garnished with willows and alder.

Speaker hit safely and Lewis batted to Herzog, who made a beautiful stop on third, and touched the base ahead of Hooper.

It was my purpose to lay our course directly for the Pole without establishing a base, but since we have been carried out of our way so far, and have used so much fuel, I feel that it will be wise to head for the farthest-north point of AlaskaPoint Barrow.

The churchyard contains the base of a cross.

Morris left the base with similar designs on Shaw, and every one, with the exception of the den-keepers, seemed suddenly seized with an irresistible desire to do something.

Reddy, though a pitcher, was, like most pitchers, unable to solve the mystery of a rival's curves for more than a little grounder, that lost him first base, and forced Sleepy to a most uncomfortable exertion to keep from being headed off at second.

The precipice beside which he stood when the avalanche occurred overhung its base at that point considerably, so that when the snow descended a clear space of several feet wide was left all along its base.

They were the restoration to health of Evers, and a complete change in the manner of playing second base, added to the consistent and powerful batting of Zimmerman.

With two out Hooper got a base on balls for Boston, but it did Boston no good.

Hinkley smashed it on the nose, and it was past Merriwell in a second, skipping along the ground and passing over second base just beyond the baseman's reach, although he made a good run for it.

'Scarcely had she neared the base of Dolly Waggon when she heard the huntsman's horn and the hounds at full cry, streaming along towards Dunmail Raise.

The man straightway his choler up did move, And with reproachfull tearmes gan them revile, 365 For following that trade so base and vile; And askt what license or what pas they had.

Once there I realized that Juliet did not have any material for placing in the tank except a little gravel which was not enough to cover even the base of the tank.

At the time of his death he was employed in the Baluchistan Survey party in the completion of a triangulation series which should carry the great Indian system to the Kojak range, and furnish a scientific and highly accurate base for future extension into Afghanistan.

In Boston's half Hooper hit safely to center field and stole second base.

' Worn out by his worries, Schuyler fell ill and was sent to command the base at Albany.

The River Jyhoon, the ancient Pyramus, which rises on the borders of Armenia, sweeps the western base of the mountains.

Sometimes a "fielder," whose sense of feelin' wasen't very acute, got hold of a cobble stun, then he would waddle, and grope his way about, to find the base.

182 Verbs to Use for the Word  baser