144 Verbs to Use for the Word basins

But leaving for the present these first chapters, we see that only a very short geological time ago, just before the coming on of that winter of winters called the glacial period, a vast deluge of molten rocks poured from many a chasm and crater on the flanks and summit of the range, filling lake basins and river channels, and obliterating nearly every existing feature on the northern portion.

Jessie brought a basin, water, a towel, and clean rags.

I no longer regarded the sparkling eddies of the little cascade which fell down a steep rock at the upper end of the garden, and formed a pellucid basin below.

The little man had just finished shaving and was getting back into his coat while George carried out the basin of water.

Mother, hold you the basin, you the towel: I know your French hearts thirst for English blood; John, take the mallet; I will hold the knife, And when I bid thee smite, strike for thy life: Make a mark, surgeon.

He was successful in finding what he wanted, and on the 4th of November the main body of the expedition, finally leaving the Darling basin, removed to the new water depot.

Toward evening, I crossed the divide separating the Mono waters from those of the Tuolumne, and entered the glacier basin that now holds the fountain snows of the stream that forms the upper Tuolumne cascades.

We left Lourdes again at three o'clock, the sun still very warm, as the lazy attitudes of the peasants working in the fields attested; and, passing several crosses at the roadside"ornamented" with pincers, hammer, nails, and sword, with a bantam cock on the topreached the base of the col (600 feet high) which separates the respective basins of the Adour and the Echez.

These occupy the basins of the ancient ice-seas, where many tributary glaciers came together to form the grand trunks.

As soon as the stream is fairly over the lake-lip it breaks into cascades, never for a moment halting, and scarce abating one jot of its glad energy, until it reaches the next filled-up basin, a mile below.

Then cover the basin with a cloth, put it in a warm place, and when the dough has nicely risen, knead it into small balls; butter the bottom of a deep sauté-pan, strew over some pounded sugar, and let the dampfnudeln be laid in, but do not let them touch one another; then pour over sufficient milk to cover them, put on the lid, and let them rise to twice their original size by the side of the fire.

When she took the basin from the surgeon to bathe Mrs Damerel's temples herself, her hand shook not, and she performed the kindly office as neatly as if no misfortune had befallen her.

When they drew rein beside the wolf, they found seven distinct tracks of horses which went down the bank of the river and crossed the basin.

From the height on which we stood, we could see the ocean nearly around the island, and on our right and left, overlooking the basin below us, rose the two highest points of land of which Barbadoes can boast.

Instead of the stones which are what strangers chiefly expect at her hands, she gives us a wealth of fertile meadows; instead of stormy waves breaking on a frowning coast, she shows us smooth basins whose shores are soft and wooded to the water's edge, and into which empty wonderful tidal rivers, whose courses, where the tide-water has flowed out, lie like curving bands of bright brown satin among the green fields.

Everything like inequality or imperfection had disappeared, the whole presenting a broad and picturesquely shaped basin, with outlines fashioned principally by nature, an artist that rarely fails in effect.

"Set a basin of water down here.

A week after killing the big ram we again visited the great basin, but found nothing, and cautiously moved a little higher to a sheltered position.

When the monitor passed the basin, she dipped her sponge soppin'-wet.

Thus I led him up to the back steps and poured him a basin of hot waterwhich I brought myself from the kitchen, Harriet having marvellously and completely disappeared.

She handed the basin of peas through the open window to Seraphina, and retired to her room, to study, to plan, and to revel in flights of epicurean fancy.

Entering at the small side door, immediately within stands a curious and very old bénitier (font), with two curious individuals carved in the stone supporting the basin.

The former process has been seen in modern times in the formation of the United States of America: the latter formed the substance of the history of civilisation during the first three centuries before Christ, when the Roman State successively conquered, annexed, and absorbed all the other then existing States surrounding the basin of the Mediterranean.

The Gaffer, moreover, consented to swallow a basin of gruel with just a dash of spirits in it to take away the sickliness of it.

" "Why, yes, I got Uncle Toby to stand behind a tree, and throw up the wash basin half a dozen times while I banged away.

144 Verbs to Use for the Word  basins
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