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59 Verbs to Use for the Word  batting

59 Verbs to Use for the Word batting

To make matters worse, Austin, arriving on the scene sixth man in, appeared to be also possessed with a determination to carry his bat; and though he was eventually run out by a sharp throw-in from square-leg, it was not until eighty runs had been registered for the Grammar School.

So have I seen the gigantic fruit bats, called flying foxes in India, hanging in hundreds in the upper branches of a tall peepul tree at noon, feeling too hot to sleep, and all fanning themselves in unison with one winga comic spectacle.

A good baseball player, for instance, tirelessly studies both the minutiae of his technique (as how to hold a bat, how to stand at the plate) and the big combinations and possibilities of the game.

The Charleston catcher, in a great huff, threw his bat to the ground with such violence that it broke, and he gave way to the second baseman, who had made a sacrifice hit in the second inningwhich advanced the catcher one base.

He dropped his bat, staggered away from the wicket, and fell forward on his knees.

But he was going to play a straight bat with the country whatever happened....

I tell you, Mamma, the blood keeps going to my head; bats.

A warning cry from his coach, however, checked him in full speed, and he whirled about to see that Sleepy, foreseeing the throw from right-field as soon as the ball left the bat, had sauntered over behind the third baseman, had stopped the wild throw, and now stood waiting for the base-runner to declare his intention before he threw the ball.

whose cloudy skirts, With brede ethereal wove, O'erhang his wavy bed: Now air is hushed, save where the weak-eyed bat, With short, shrill shriek, flits by on leathern wing; Or where the beetle winds His small but sullen horn.

Merriwell took his place at the bat, having selected a bat that was a trifle over regulation length, if anything.

By the bye, I must see about getting a new bat.

She threw a heap of clothes on the ground, rolled up her sleeves and grasped her bat; and her loud pounding could be heard in the neighbouring gardens.

In a nest in the attic lived a pair of gray owls; in the secret passages hung bats; in the kitchen oven lived an old cat; and down in the cellar there were hundreds of old black rats.

Master Busy liked neither the solitude, nor yet the silence of the woods; he had just caught sight of a bat circling over the dilapidated roof of the pavilion, and he hated bats.

And on his shoulders high his bat to beare, As if good service he were fit to doo, But little thrift for him he did it too: 240

Finally, everyone and/or any club that presently possesses Squash courts can introduce the additional indoor bat and ball game of Squash Tennis.

He informed me that he had known even the big fruit-eating bats to take to bloodsucking.

Et bien, avant le wicket se place l'homme qui est dedans et qui tient dans ces mains le "bat" avec lequel il frappe la balle et fait des courses.

Robert will learn the local bat For billeting and things like that, If Siegfried learns the piccolo To charm the people as we go.

They were the eyes of Quiz; and within easy reach lay a baseball bat and several large lumps of coal.

Of mammalia a large Pteropus, or fruit-eating bat, was seen once or twice, but no specimen was procured.

" "You don't mean old ball bats, or your mud scow in the creek, or that kind of trash?" inquired Dale suspiciously.

"By the way, Eagen, have you noticed those big bats the last few evenings, over by the cliff?

Myself, compacted of an earthier clay, I oil my bats and greasy homage pay To Cricket, who, with emblems of his court, Stumps, pads, bails, gloves, begins his Summer sway.

I also ordered bats and gloves, and with the things our club already had, we were very well equipped.

However, he spoke to Blossom, who was picking out his bat.

Swing, you purblind bat, when it comes to looks, she lays all over Joy Blythe like four aces over a bobtailed flush.

I raise my bat, get it on the half-volley right in the middle, hit it clean over the Pavilion for six, and the match is won.

You remember the vampire bats, Slade?

It was probably Pong, that primitive black and white depiction of a ping-pong table, with a square on either side of the screen representing the bat and a tiny white dot representing the ball.

Their clubs are three in number, made of the tough heavy wood called wallaru, a kind of gumtree, the ironbark of New South Wales; one is cylindrical, four feet long, tapering at each extremity; the other two, of similar length, are compressed, with sharp edgesone narrow, the other about four inches in greatest width, and resembling a cricket-bat in shape.

It was foolish for them to run down their bat

Pale shoot the stars across the troubled night, The timorous moon withholds her conscious light; Shrill scream the famish'd bats, and shivering owls, And loud and long the dog of midnight howls!

Kippy and Gunner Toady shared the batting.

Et dans sa gaîne, ainsi que le sang dans l'artère, La froide horloge bat, jetant dans le mystère, Goutte à goutte, le temps, saisons, printemps, hivers; Et chaque battement, dans l'énorme univers, Ouvre aux âmes, essaims d'autours et de colombes, D'un côté les berceaux et de l'autre les tombes.

The ancient wrappings had been consumed by the natives in an effort to smoke out the vampire bats that lived in the cave.

'I could spare ye a bat on the ear, but I'll tell ye what I'll dae.

" The bell-ringer was hurrying through the naves, shaking his bunch of keys and startling the bats which were becoming more and more numerous.

R.C., who could handle an axe as he used to swing a baseball bat, made fun of my efforts.

Next Andy took the bat.

" So also one may say of some dull and lifeless cricketer who, after the famous Gloucestershire hitter has made things merry for spectators and scouts alike, "enters next": "As in a cricket field the eyes of men, After a well-Graced player leaves the sticks, Are idly bent on him that enters next, Thinking his batting to be tedious.

Isaac tied a brick-bat to one of the pendant boughs, and then invited the master to run with him.

In a game of ball they determine "first innings" by "tossing the bat."

It was won by the latter, mainly owing to the superior play of Colonel G. of the 18th, who never touched a bat since he was at Burney's school.

Hartwick offered me three times what it was worth if I'd let him use his baseball bat on it.

He waved his bat violently up and down, and stared fiercely at the Charleston pitcher.

That the Holy Spirit, which erst did brood O'er the Son of Man by Jordan's flood, In thine own pure form to the eye of sense, From its resting place has departed hence, And twitters the swallow, and wheels the bat O'er the mercy-seat where its presence sat?

A man wid a baseball bat and swimmin' tights on could dance all around youse and knock spots out of one of these things.

But Eric, hastily borrowing another bat, took his place again quite tamely; he was trembling, and at the very next ball, he spooned a miserable catch into Graham's hand, and the shout of triumph from the other side proclaimed that his innings was over.

And he just let a good one pass without wiggling his bat!"

He is leaning forward, dandling his favourite bat, with which he has made thirty or forty runs to-day.

What a biographer, for example, or at least what a witness for some other biographer, was latent in the little boy who, when told by his teacher to define a bat, said: "He's a nasty little mouse, with injy-rubber wings and shoe-string tail, and bites like the devil."

Striking a match, I discovered a large bat which the smoke from our fire (there was no chimney) had evidently detached from the rafters.

"It will help me to dislodge the bats, mistress," he said enigmatically, speaking over his shoulder as he walked.

As a Correspondent (in slightly different words) suggests: "When a Champion Batsman's performance extolling, 'Tis well to distinguish, 'twixt batting and bowling!"

Lead me to the nearest net, and let me feel a bat in my hands again.

At this camp Cherrie shot a lark, very characteristic of the open upland country, and Miller found two bats in the rotten wood of a dead log.

Or southern Christmas, dark and dank with mist, And heavy with the scent of steaming leaves, And rosebuds mouldering on the dripping porch; One twilight, without rise or set of sun, Till beetles drone along the hollow lane, And round the leafless hawthorns, flitting bats Hawk the pale moths of winter?

Accordingly, when once a stork's egg was touched by a bat it became sterile; and in order to preserve it from the injurious influence, the stork placed in its nest some branches of the maple, which frightened away every intruding bat.