79 Verbs to Use for the Word beaded

To wit Might and main Time and tide Christmastide Sad bread A bank teller To tell one's beads Aid and abet Meat and drink Shoplifter Fishing-tackle Getting off scot-free An earnest of future favors A brave old hearthstone Confusion to the enemy!

He drew the first bead.

So, fare thee well, holy father, and mayst thou not ha' cause to count thy beads in earnest ere we meet again.

I got the bead on the fellow's dark head and missed him by a yard.

He wiped the beads of perspiration from his forehead and looked at Fogerty with a half frightened air.

She wore her coral beads and her cameo cross.

"While he was busy finding the lost beads, I whipped out the key, took an impression of it on a piece of wax I had ready, concealed in my handkerchief, and slipped it back into the lock while he was still on his hands and knees on the floor.

It was an intoxication to hold a steady bead on him.

To allure the Indians, the admiral would not keep them, but set them on shore against their wills, giving them some glass beads and bells.

She wear it on string red Russian beads.

Pedro looked into Señor Don't Care's eyes and saw a bead, though they were not looking along the glint of a revolver barrel.

He was persuaded, and met with a kind reception; he presented some gold, and received in return some glass beads and other toys and trifles.

The question has brought beads of perspiration to the foreheads of statesmen.

I say all that; and it takes all the beads.

We watched her press beads of proper size and color into the eye sockets; skilfully finish the base upon which each figure lay; then twist a lump of butter into a square of fine muslin, and deftly squeeze, until it crinkled through the meshes in form of fleece for the lamb's coat, then use a different mesh to produce the strands for the lion's mane and the tuft for the end of his tail.

The unnatural parent, shaking the beads in the face of her only child, thrust her from her embraces; and the slave-dealer drove the agonized girl from the place of her nativity.'" EMMA.

" She placed the last bead, knotted the sinew, and replenished the fire.

I had never seen an exhibition so simple and yet unusual, but something even better was yet to come, for, in obedience to instruction, the little chap picked up the tiny beads one after another with his bill and strung them upon the thread, which it held with its tiny toes.

He then calls for a gourd, which has been suitably prepared, by drying and putting small beads or gravel stones in it, to make a rattling noise.

That's not an hours work, I'le make a Nun forget her beads in two hours.

I swear, I will not see it lost; Fitz-Eustace, you with Lady Clare May bid your beads, and patter prayer, I gallop to the host.'

Like the Roman catholics, they had rosaries, containing 108 beads, and their prayer is, Hom-Mani-Pema- Hum.

" Tottie had once had presented to him a box of colored glass beads to string, and he could think of nothing finer in the future than unlimited glass beads.

When Cicely came back to school the second day, she had left off her glass beads and her red ribbon, and had arranged her hair as nearly like the teacher's as her skill and its quality would permit.

now, still and sweet And while mists like incense curl at her feet, She lingers her beads to tell.

79 Verbs to Use for the Word  beaded