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12 Verbs to Use for the Word « beadle »

12 Verbs to Use for the Word « beadle »

  • The Rev. Dr. Hugh Blair was one Sunday absent from his pulpit, and next morning meeting his beadle in the street he inquired how matters went in the High Church on Sabbath.
  • When the sacrifices were finished, the general ordered a beadle to summon every one of those who were most highly distinguished by their birth or conduct: these were introduced singly.
  • I know a very respectable beadle of a singularly pious parish who is an inveterate poacher.
  • I mean the old SCOTTISH BEADLE, or betheral, as he used to be called.
  • We have recommended the beadle to place this box in a more prominent position, for it is worth looking at as an ornament, even if nothing is put into it.
  • She is a well-to-do widow, who marries Bumble, and reduces the pompous beadle to a hen-pecked husband.
  • He states that he remembers an old beadle of the church which was called "Haddo's Hole," and sometimes the "Little Kirk," in Edinburgh, whose son occasionally officiated as precentor.
  • On the Sunday appointed for the ceremony he duly presented himself at the church, and sought out the beadle in order to hand over the precious water to his care.
  • Why 'tisstreet!Look at the pump at the other end, that might pass for an abridgment of a parish clerkand see, there comes stalking across the Green the parish beadle, with a great white placard in his hatyou might well mistake him for Alderman 's monument in red brick with the marble tablet on the top of it.
  • First appeared the beadle, extremely gaudy in scarlet and gold, then the cross-bearer, young men as chanters, little boys, most strangely attired in white satin knee-breeches and short lace skirts, scattering rose-leaves from open baskets at their sides; the curé came bearing the monstrance and Host, followed by Sisters with little girls in their charge; lastly was a mixed throng of parishioners.
  • The children walking two and two, in red and blue and green, Grey-headed beadles walked before, with wands as white as snow, Till into the high dome of Paul's they like Thames' waters flow.
  • Some terrible youths, who had to get home before ten o'clock to escape a whipping, declared themselves rabid socialists and frightened the beadles with curses on the institution of propertyall rights reserved, of course, to apply, as soon as they got out of college, for some position under the government as registrar of deeds or secretary of prefecture!

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