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82 Verbs to Use for the Word beatings

They heard the beating of drums.

One day a team did not work to suit him, and he gave the horses a cruel beating.

He passed his cool hands over my brow, and felt the beating of my heart.

Her eyes were lifted to his, and they shone with the love that was coursing through her veins, almost stopping the beating of her heart.

But the traditional historian tells us, he was the only one who was punished therefor; so, while we blame him, let us shed a tear of sympathy because he alone got the beating, the others the eating.

When the terrible and heart-rending news was received that an assassin's bullet had ended the life of the greatest of all presidents the effect was so paralyzing that hearts almost ceased beating.

Only once in his life could he remember having received a beating like that which Thorpe inflicted upon him now.

When she was near the top, her mother's voice, at once querulous and amiable, came from the sitting-room: "Where are you going to?" There was a pause, dramatic for both of them, and in that minute pause the very life of the house seemed for an instant to be suspended, and then the waves of the hostile love that united these two women resumed their beating, and Hilda's lips hardened.

But, in the meantime, he would learn something of the real issues of men and women as they live in great cities, so that he could write a play which would be so true, so vital, that it would be like watching the beating of the hot heart of life.

Ticktickticktick He counted the beating of his watch up to twenty.

Sweet lady, I beseech you mussell your beagle; I dare not trust my selfe with his folly, and he may deserve more beating then I am willing to bestow at this tyme.

Her own being made so much sound, so much commotion, that it seemed to her she could not hear anything save those beatings and pulsings.

This, however, though hardly unexpected, set Mary's heart beating, and when the parlor door was opened, Mrs. Easton stepped back, and Mary was alone with Walter Clifford.

So little awhile ago that face had moved with every change of sentiment, that pale mouth had spoken, that body had been all on fire with governable energies; and now, and by his act, that piece of life had been arrested, as the horologist, with interjected finger, arrests the beating of the clock.

Indeed I would, but I know your goodness can forget twenty beatings, you must forgive me.

Robin in his excitement began to run after him to continue the beating, but the swineherd went too fast, and on the impulse of the moment the victor stopped short, dropping his own staff and unslinging his bow from where it hung.

Her eyes met his in a glance of fierce resentment, and instinctively she placed her hand upon her breast, as though to stay the beating of her heart.

" It is true also that Smith himself thought and wrote that "Pocahontas hazarded the beating out of her own brains to save" his.

He missed the sex, ached for it, but he didn't miss the beatings.

Already they were quietly assuming privileges, and nothing said, that would have meant beatings for their elders.

This garland of fancies was received with great applause; whereat the pedlar, emboldened, proceeded to observe, mysteriously, that 'donkeys took a beating, but horses kicked at it; and that they'd found out that in Staffordshire long ago.

The thought, like cold steel, lay against her heart and dulled its beating.

A curious little feeling of uneasiness possessed her, a sensation that scarcely amounted to dread yet which quickened the beating of her heart in a fashion that she found vaguely disconcerting.

Bac. Something in hand the while, you Rogues, you Apple-squires: do you come hither with your botled valour, your windy froth, to limit out my beatings? 1 Sword.

" Without further words Beth ran around the back of the house and disappeared, while Patsy, trying to control the beating of her heart, stole softly over the lawn to the open window of Uncle John's room.

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