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133 Verbs to Use for the Word  bee

133 Verbs to Use for the Word bee

Every 30 days I gets up a bee, to which I invites the nabors.

I was going to catch one bee, till Sarah told me about their stings, which made me afraid for a long time to go too near their hives; but I went a little nearer, and a little nearer, every day, and, before I came away from grandmamma's, I grew so bold, I let Will Tasker hold me over the glass windows at the top of the hives, to see them make honey in their own homes.

In addition to the flowers chosen for beauty of colour, this lover of children and of gardens wants Canterbury Bells to ring, Forget-me-nots because they can stand so much watering, and "flowers with faces," pansies, sweet-peas, lupins, snapdragons, monkey flowers, red and white dead nettles, and red clover to bring the bees.

But, what so ere my fate in loving bee, Yet thou maist vaunt that Phoebus loved thee.

Mary likes to watch the bees.

When warm from myrtle bays and tranquil seas, Comes on, to whisper hope, the vernal breeze, When hums the mountain bee in May's glad ear, And emerald isles to spot the heights appear, 1815.]

He knew "How doth the little busy bee" so well as to be able to repeat it without a mistake, for his mother had taught it him, and he had understood it.

Therefore doth heaven divide The state of man in divers functions, Setting endeavor in continual motion; To which is fixรฉd, as an aim or butt, Obedience: for so work the honey-bees, Creatures that by a rule in nature teach The act of order to a peopled kingdom.

I walk beneath the naked trees, Where wild streams shiver as they pass, Yet in the sere and sighing grass I hear a murmur as of bees, The bees that in love's morning rise From tender eyes and lips to drain, In ecstasies of blissful pain, The sweets that bloomed in Paradise.

From these crabs will I gather sweetness: wherein I'll imitate the bee, that sucks her honey, not from the sweetest flowers, but [from] thyme, the bitterest: so these having been the means to beggar my master, shall be the helps to relieve his brothers and sister.

I cannot tell what reason it should bee, But love and reason here doo disagree:

"Good Mr. Cobweb," said the foolish clown, "kill me the red humble-bee on the top of that thistle yonder; and, good Mr. Cobweb, bring me the honey-bag.

He gum hees face and nose wit' pine gum so bees no sting, then eat all bees.

It is the mystery of their instincts, habits, and all-compelling energy that leads him to study the bees, and finally to the half-concealed confession that his philosophy has failed to solve the problems of animate nature.

I envy light that wakes him, And bells that boldly ring To tell him it is noon abroad, Myself his noon could bring, Yet interdict my blossom And abrogate my bee, Lest noon in everlasting night Drop Gabriel and me.

By the North American Indians, the plantain or "way-bread" is "the white man's foot," to which Longfellow, in speaking of the English settlers, alludes in his "Hiawatha": "Wheresoe'er they move, before them Swarms the stinging fly, the Ahmo, Swarms the bee, the honey-maker; Wheresoe'er they tread, beneath them Springs a flower unknown among us, Springs the white man's foot in blossom.

Sometimes he would hear them planning about a house in a forest, keeping bees and a cow, and living entirely on milk and honey.

He missed the bee, of coorse, 'cause it wos a flyin' shot, he said, but he sent the whole charge right into Martin's backMartin was my comrade's name.

I spent them all next day On a new chapel on the Eisenthal; There were no choristers but nightingales No teachers there save bees: how long is this?

Upon the platform, which I was able to reach by means of ladders and the half-ruinous spiral staircase, viper's bugloss spread its brilliant blue flowers over the dark stones, and enticed the high-soaring bees.

I have seen wild bees and butterflies feeding at a height of 13,000 feet above the sea.

And yet they glide, like happiness, away; Reflecting far and fairy-like from high The immortal lights that live along the sky; Its banks are fringed with many a goodly tree, And flowers the fairest that may feast the bee: Such in her chaplet infant Dian wove, And innocence would offer to her love; These deck the shore, the waves their channel make In windings bright and mazy, like the snake.

She takes the garland bright and gay, Fresh from the blooming lap of May: Unfolds the casings from the flow'rs, And flings them o'er her sylvan bow'rs; Brings all their hidden tints to view, Gives to their leaves a deeper hue: Sends forth the bee and butterfly, On downy pinions soaring high, Or sporting gay from flow'r to flow'r, Through the short lived Summer hour.

A correspondent in Loudon's Magazine of Natural History, states that in the neighbourhood of Coventry, there is a superstitious belief, that in the event of the death of any of the family, it is necessary to inform the bees of the circumstance, otherwise they will desert the hive, and seek out other quarters.

Any thing, in short, either near the habitations of man, or in the forests, will serve the bees for a shelter to their combs.

And, to perswade ye that welcome ye bee, Wilt please ye sir to eate a crab with mee? Phy.

I threw it at the robbers, with an intention to frighten them away, and set the poor bee at liberty; but, by an unlucky turn of my arm, it flew upwards, and continued rising till it reached the moon.

High above this deep-toned concussion came the cry of the shellsthat long carrying buzzlike a monstrous, angry bee rushing away from a burning hivewhich rises into a shrill singing note before ending and bursting into the final boom which scatters death.

Now, if we resemble the bee in so many points, and his political instinct is so admirable, let us reflect what we ought to become in other respects, in order to attain to the full benefit of his example.

"I guess you remember the bee he had in his bonnet that night.

To M F. (For the Mirror.) I. I met thee, , when the leaves were green, And living verdure clothed the countless trees; When meadow flowers allured the summer bees, And silvery skies shone o'er the cloudless scene, Bright as my thoughts when wand'ring to thy home; Where Nature looks as though she were divine, Not in the richness of the rip'ning vine, Not in the splendour of imperial Rome.

Tell it to faithfull Eares what eare it bee. Scevin.

Skyward the racing eagles wildly fling Their savage clamor to the echoing dell While sheltered deep, the bee with folded wing, Voluptuous slumbers in his fragrant cell.

" "The little god o' lovehe shot his arrows, an' we followed them as the hunter follows the bee," said Darrel.

There is a species of the orchis found in the mountainous parts of Lincolnshire, Kent, &c. Nature has formed a bee, apparently feeding on the breast of the flower, with so much exactness, that it is impossible at a very small distance to distinguish the imposition.

"Provide therefore, ye Princes, whilst ye live, 365 That of the Muses ye may friended bee, Which unto men eternitie do give; For they be daughters of Dame Memorie And love, the father of Eternitie, And do those men in golden thrones repose, 370 Whose merits they to glorifie do chose.

He will watch from dawn to gloom The lake-reflected sun illume The yellow bees in the ivy bloom, Nor heed nor see what things they be; But from these create he can Forms more real than living man, Nurslings of immortality.

You thought my mind was wandering, didn't you?" "No," she said, "I only thought you'd got a bee in your bonnet."

In their season, which is after the gilias are at their best, and before the larkspurs are ripe for pollen gathering, every terminal whorl of the lupin sends up its blossom stalk, not holding any constant blue, but paling and purpling to guide the friendly bee to virginal honey sips, or away from the perfected and depleted flower.

To chide the winds; or hiving bees that fly About the laughing blossoms of sallowy, Rocking asleep the idle grooms that lazy lie.

there is no end of paine, Nor chaunge of labour may intreated bee: Yet I beyond all these am carried faine, Where other powers farre different I see, 420 And must passe over to th'Elisian plaine: There grim Persephone, encountring mee, Doth urge her fellow Furies earnestlie With their bright firebronds me to terrifie.

He introduces a "sewing-bee" of tattling women, one of whom happens to be a stranger to the town, and unfamiliar with its gossip.

" Now there was a difference between a play party and a kissing party or kissing bee, as we used to call it.

Dat's a June bugit aint got no stinger, lak a bee (Reach de glory city by an by.)

At early morn, the careful housewife, led To cull her dinner from its garden bed, Of weedless herbs a healthier prospect sees, While hum with busier joy her happy bees; In brighter rows her table wealth aspires, And laugh with merrier blaze her evening fires; 1820.]

My lambs been all found dead, as soon as born; Or raging plagues run swift through every hive, And left not one industrious bee alive; Had early winds, with an hoarse winter's found Scattered my rip'ning fruit upon the ground: Unmov'd, untoucht, I cou'd the loss sustain, And a few days expir'd, no more complain.

But where might these lost shrewes bee?

Daunce ne moe atte hallie daie; Lycke a reynynge ryver bee: Mie love ys dedde, Gon to hys death-bedde, Al under the wyllowe tree.

A cat came fiddling out of a barn, With a pair of bag-pipes under her arm; She could sing nothing but fiddle-de-dee, The mouse has married the bumble-bee; Pipe, cat,dance, mouse, We'll have a wedding at our good house.

These heapes of stones, these old wals which ye see, Were first enclosures but of salvage soyle; And these brave pallaces, which maystred bee Of time, were shepheards cottages somewhile.

"You mean flocks," said Olive; "we only say 'swarms' when we mean bees or other insects."

In my excursions among the glaciers I occasionally meet bees that are hungry, like mountaineers who venture too far and remain too long above the bread-line; then they droop and wither like autumn leaves.

Eftsoones they heard a most melodious sound, Of all that mote delight a daintie eare, Such as attonce might not on living ground, Save in this paradise, be heard elsewhere: Right hard it was for wight which did it heare, To read what manner of music that mote bee; For all that pleasing is to living eare Was there consorted in one harmonee; Birdes, voices, instruments, windes, waters, all agree.

I noticed a good many bees, too, most of them wild.

As I said before, it was represented at the very moment that the French republicans, being satisfied with the bees in their respective bonnets, were obliterating the imperial bees from the doors of the Tuileries, and being anxious to take arms against a sea of Prussians, were taking down the imperial arms wherever they could find them.

[Footnote 210: Bee keepers attribute to Reaumur the invention of the modern glass observation hive, which has made possible so much of our knowledge of the bee, but it may be noted that Pliny (H.N. XXI, 47) mentions hives of "lapis specularis," some sort of talc, contrived for the purpose of observing bees at work.

"The Synthetical Guide Book," from which I have already quoted, warns its readers not to overlook "the puzzling bees" at the back of Ferdinand's statue.

There are several other fine paintings hereone of them said to be the best performance of Quintin Matsys, who, under the inspiration of love, deserted the anvil for the pallet; and another by his father-in-law, Flors, supposed to be the identical picture upon which the ci devant blacksmith painted a bee, with such skill as to obtain the old artist's cordial consent to the marriage of Matsys with his daughter.

And the roadside rose, sweet-briar, we would remember thee And the cinnamon rose that evermore enthralls each passing bee, You old, old-fashioned roses, a-growing wild and free.

But, remarks the devil after listening to all this, surely the innocent pay no court fees, "But answere and discharged bee."

"A man told me that if I could on'y persuade a few bees to sting me, that 'ud cure me.

Margaret, whose wit was superior to the rest, writ a treatise on the four last things, which Sir Thomas declared was finer than his; she composed several Orations, especially one in answer to Quintilian, defending a rich man, which he accused for having poisoned a poor man's bees with certain venomous flowers in his garden, so eloquent and forcible that it may justly rival Quintilian himself.

If he had known it, Varro might have here cited the fact that the unfertilized queen bee is parthenogenetic, though producing only male bees; i.e., drones: but it remained for a German clergyman, Dzierzon, to discover this in the eighteenth century.]

Our cognizance of them, in a collected form, must rest till the other half appears; in the meantime a few flying extracts will prove amusing: Bees without a Queen.

Every living thing, from man down to an ephemeral insect, pursues the bee to its destruction for the sake of the honey that is deposited in its cell, or secreted in its honey-bag.

But prosperity did not spoil Melinda, and James Markham's chances were quite as good when, dressed in pink silk, with camelias in her hair, she entertained some half-dozen judges and M.C.'s as when in brown delaine and magenta ribbons she danced a quadrille at some "quilting bee out West."

Whenever there was a wedding, frolic or holiday or quilting bee, she was sure to provide some extra "goody" and so dear to the hearts of the women were the cast off clothes she so often bestowed upon them on these occasions.

On the other hand the book is not merely a farmer's practical manual on how to raise bees for profit.

These be the wayes by which without reward Livings in court he gotten, though full hard; For nothing there is done without a fee: 515 The courtier needes must recompenced bee With a benevolence, or have in gage [Gage, pledge.

Even Isabel's grandmother had not been able further to put away sleep from her plotting brain in order to send out to them a final inquisitive thoughtthe last reconnoitring bee of all the In-gathered hive.

They cooked up beeswax when they robbed bees.

Without the blue birds whistled, High up in the old roof trees; And to and fro at the window The red rose rocked her bees; And the wee pink fists of the baby Were never a moment still, Snatching at shine and shadow, That danced on the lattice sill!

Nath'les, my brother, since we passed are Unto this point, we will appease our iarre; And I with reason meete will rest content, That ye shall have both crowne and government, 1050 Upon condition that ye ruled bee In all affaires, and counselled by mee; And that ye let none other ever drawe Your minde from me, but

Three bowls he brims with sweet honeycomb To feast the bumble bees, Saying, "O bees, be this your home, For grief is on the seas!" He sate him lone in a coral grot, At the flowing in of the tide; When ebbed the billow, there was not, Save coral, aught beside.

free I sought the living bee to find, And found the picture of a bee,' The late Mr. James of Exeter wrote to me on this subject: 'This orchis is common near our sea-coasts; but instead of being exactly like a BEE, it is not like it at all.

She looked at me, shook off a bee that had blundered against her apron, and looked at me againa brown woman, lean and strongly made, with jet-black eyes set deep and glistening in an ugly face.

External changechange of environmentis already provided for when he says, "shulde this Ston stalen bee"; "chaunges," therefore, in his mind, meant internal changes.

When Huber shut up some bees in a close hive, and kept them supplied with pure honey or with sugar alone, they subsisted upon it, and soon began to build the comb.

For lovers eyes more sharply sighted bee Then other mens, and in deare loves delight See more then any other eyes can see, Through mutuall receipt of beamรซs bright, 235 Which carrie privie message to the spright, And to their eyes that inmost faire display, As plaine as light discovers dawning day.

AHMO SOCIETY.Under this aboriginal term, which signifies a bee, the ladies of the fort and village have organized themselves into a sewing society for benevolent purposes.

The grey song-sparrows full of spring have sung Their clear thin silvery tunes in leafless trees; The robin hops, and whistles, and among The silver-tasseled poplars the brown bees Murmur faint dreams of summer harvestries; The creamy sun at even scatters down A gold-green mist across the murmuring town.

He smoked out the bees with some dry herbs and obtained a considerable quantity of honey.

One evening he went to a cottager who had a row of skeps, and bought one of them, just as it was after the man had smothered the bees.

He pointed, and there at the tip of his finger and sliding down the air with wings flapping slowly and at the speed of an exceptionally languid snailwas a bee.

Insects were altogether too abundant, and even when travelling slowly it was impossible always to avoid themnot to speak of our constant companions the bees, mosquitoes, and especially the boroshudas or bloodsucking flies.

Happily, he had discovered in the factoryand he studied as much as he could without magnifying glass or spectaclesa small bee which forms its cells among the worm-holes of the wood, and a "sphex" that lays its eggs in cells that are not its own, as the cuckoo in the nests of other birds.

Hence Napoleon the First sprinkled the symbolic bees over the imperial mantle that bore the arms of his dynasty; and in the country of the Pharaohs the bee was used as the emblem of a people sweetly submissive to the orders of its king.

Of course they might stage a hanging-bee with this Legion dangling from the wings, but that would be pretty hard to manage.

"I hate the day, because it lendeth light To see all things, and not my love to see; I hate the darknesse and the dreary night, Because they breed sad balefulnesse in mee; 410 I hate all times, because all times doo fly So fast away, and may not stayed bee, But as a speedie post that passeth by.

The more excitable and the more ready to sting the bees are, the greater will be the quantity of formic acid which is added to the honey, and the admixture of which good honey needs.

But I cannot bring back to mind just when We rooted them out of the ping-wing path To stop the mad bees in the rabbit pen.

She bid me welcome kindly, an' as quiet as you please, An' fust we talk o' battlefields an' then we talk o' bees; But, though the 'olly'ocks was aht an' all the roses red, I only see the lavender, the patch o' purple lavender; "I'm pleased you likes the lavender," she said.

So charms me, nor the flowers that tempt the bee, As those sweet Sisters.

Love, that long since hast to thy mighty powre Perforce subdude my poor captived hart, And raging now therein with restlesse stowre*, Doest tyrannize in everie weaker part, Faine would I seeke to ease my bitter smart 5 By any service I might do to thee, Or ought that else might to thee pleasing bee.

One noon, with Lucioever in those days With Lucioon a rock within the spray, I wove a ferny garland, while the boy Roamed, but returned in triumph, having trapped A bee in a bell-flowerheld it to my ear, Laughing, dissembling that he feared to loose The hairy thief.

I even tried bees for it once.

When landlords turn the drunken bee Out of the foxglove's door, When butterflies renounce their drams, I shall but drink the more!

Her father, who is a stranger to her, comes on dressed in banknotes and chained to a safe; her mother, also a stranger, wears a society bee which buzzes in the place where her bonnet would have been; and five samples of the fashionable world, where, as you know, everybody thinks the same thing at the same time, let off recitatives from time to time in unison.

In this flowery wilderness the bees rove and revel, rejoicing in the bounty of the sun, clambering eagerly through bramble and hucklebloom, ringing the myriad bells of the manzanita, now humming aloft among polleny willows and firs, now down on the ashy ground among gilias and buttercups, and anon plunging deep into snowy banks of cherry and buckthorn.

280 With that the husbandman gan him avize, That it for him were fittest exercise Cattell to keep, or grounds to oversee; And asked him, if he could willing bee To keep his sheep, or to attend his swyne, 285 Or watch his mares, or take his charge of kyne.