49 Verbs to Use for the Word bends

No one ever sailed more joyfully into the Bay of Naples, or saw with keener rapture Constantinople's mosques and minarets arise, than did these ice-armoured travellers, rounding the sharp bend in the river, sight the huts and hear the dogs howl on the farther shore.

Just as I turned a bend of the creek, "bang!" went a shot, and down went my horsemyself with him.

After a mile or so the trail led in the direction of a low marsh where the coast line makes a big bend inward, so apparently we had crossed a long point into a bay beyond.

But when he reached the bend where the curtains and the marble figure were, he turned round and walked up the stairs again.

We were passing around a sharp bend in the glen where the boulders were so thickly moss-grown that our feet fell noiselessly, when I thought I heard a voice, and raising my hand we both halted suddenly.

"Just below the Big Salmon the Lewes takes a bend of nearly a right angle.

Until they had crossed the wide pasture-land and followed the bend of the stream Hamilton dare not emerge from his place of concealment.

It had run about a hundred rods and sought the stream again, cutting off a slight bend.

The lofty western hills formed a sharp yet graceful bend in the stream, round which a fleet of small craft, with rakish hulls and snowy sails, were stealing quietly and softly, like black swans with white wings; the stillness and repose were only broken by the occasional trumpet blast of some giant high-pressure steamer, as she dashed past them with lightning speed.

And as he rides round a bend in the valley, a fair manor house comes into view, pleasantly placed in a sheltered spot hard by the River Coln.

" Now as the car swept round a bend, behold yet two other figures standing beside the way.

Eyre, as we shall afterwards see, was thrown out of the race through trying to make a short cut to avoid the sweeping bend of the river.

The preferable arrangement appears to be, to cast upon each blow-off cock a bend for attaching the cock to the bottom of the boiler, and the plug should stand about an inch in advance of the front of the boiler, so that it may be removed, or re-ground, with facility.

What shall I do to reassure you?" His hand moved up her wrist with the words, softly pushing up the lacy sleeve, till it found the bend of the elbow, when he stooped and kissed the delicate blue veins, closely with lips that lingered.

A courier, who had been sent down in a canoe from Sherom on the previous day, had notified the inhabitants of our near approach, and the signal gun which we fired as we came round the last bend of the river brought nearly the whole population running helter-skelter to the beach.

He used to be one of the best divers in the Low Islands, but he's got the bends.

'Twas bold MacCodrum of the Seals Yon man that hath no fears Beheld the dog with dark-green back That bends not when it rears; Its sides were blacker than the night, But underneath the hair was white; Its paws were yellow, its eyes were bright, And blood-red were its ears.

The mouth, instead of opening in the inferior part of the head, as in common sharks, was at the extremity of the head; the jaws having the same bend.

The hero from his chair descends, And bowing to the priests, he lowly bends Before the sacred altar of the Sun, And prays to Samas, Accad's Holy One.

Over the top of a rise of land that marked the next bend of the river, we saw an ugly dark cloud.

"It's a fire, all right, Frank," he said, as they negotiated the bend, and opened up a new vista ahead.

"'Um,' I'd say, 'I'm afraid you'd notice a bend here and there, if you Slid your eyes along the edge.'

CREOLE STATE, Louisiana, U.S. CRESCENT CITY, New Orleans, U.S., as originally occupying a convex bend of the Mississippi.

On the outermost corner of the structure, overlooking the eddying, foaming bend of the San Juan, rose the isolated tower.

Or instant death shall end thy vital day." "Where yonder splendid tapestries extend, And o'er pavilions bright infolding bend, A throne triumphal shines with sapphire rays, And golden suns upon the banners blaze; Full in the centre of the hostsand round The tent a hundred elephants are bound, As if, in pomp, he mocked the power of fate; There royal Káús holds his kingly state.

49 Verbs to Use for the Word  bends