20 Verbs to Use for the Word betrayal

Piers had obviously feared betrayal, but Crowther had not deemed it his business to betray him.

To have a friend would have been to let some one into his life, and that would have meant, sooner or later, the betrayal of the woman he loved.

" Here Eve's habitual truth and dignity of mind did her good service, and prevented any further betrayal of embarrassment.

In reality, he was struggling to suppress any betrayal of the exultation that was beginning to take hold of him.

Mr. Yancey immediately printed a statement deploring the betrayal of personal confidence in its publication, and to modifiy the obnoxious declaration by a long and labored argument.

From the first to the last of our friendship, never by thought, or by word, or by deed, have I done amiss; there is no wrong doing, trifling or great, to make plain your hatred, or to excuse so vile a betrayal as this scorning of our love for a fresher face, this desertion of me, this proclaiming of our secret.

Subjection, oppression, starvation, haven't taught her enough: she must face betrayal too, of the most mischievous kindthe betrayal of well-meaning fools.

The brief pause which followed his involuntary betrayal of discontent was broken by Ruth, who exclaimed, with a girlish enthusiasm that overpowered girlish bashfulness, "I think all the novels are splendid!

And besides, he knew that Sextus would reckon it a treason to himself to be made beholden for his life to Commodus, nor would he forgive betrayal of his friends, Pertinax, and Marcia and Galen.

Nor do I think that that simple soldier man, Fortescue, V.C., would have so tamely accepted Dugdale's betrayal to the woman they both loved of the fact that he had just seen his rival putting a dubious young lady into a cab in Regent Street at midnight.

Turn to other cases, in which a charitable judgment will impute no positive betrayal of trusts, but a defect of vision to recognize the claim of the higher ideal.

These were Chowles and Judith, my foster-sister, and whom, you may remember, I suspectedand most unfairlyof intending my betrayal.

No love of his for any woman could ever justify betrayal of what alone concerned the dead.

The peasant's daughter, in her narrow circle, feels as keenly the disappointment of her hopes, and mourns as intensely the betrayal of her confidence, or the rude ending of her day-dreams, as either queen or princess, as either Katharine of England or Josephine of France.

No less than five persons gave me circumstantial accountsall agreeing with each otherof your betrayal and ruin of Lucy Anserhoff.

Judas was not aware of this circumstance, because being engaged in plotting his betrayal of our Lord, he only returned a few moments before the repast, and after the immolation of the lamb had taken place.

Nathaniel drew back from that tall, straight figure, step by step, as though to hide beyond the flickering candle glow the betrayal that had come into his face, the blazing fire that seemed burning out his eyes.

I have no words to speak my contempt for so base a betrayal.

There is nothing like a guilty conscience to bring about a self-betrayal; and somehow Percy seemed to know what the Bird boy was thinking about just then.

Had he been a married man; if, in his flight, he were leaving a wife behind to cry betrayal, or children calling for his help in vain, it would all be a different matter.

20 Verbs to Use for the Word  betrayal