5 Verbs to Use for the Word betrothed

If she please not her master WHO HATH BETROTHED HER TO HIMSELF, he shall let her be redeemed[A].

On this occasion he showed no affectionate desire to embrace his betrothed.

To be his slave, hoping to be his wife, I forfeited all peace on earth, all hope beyond the grave; but when he met the betrothed of Ralph de Wilton, the Lady Clare, when he learned of her vast wealth and broad lands, when he saw her face more fair than mine, he foreswore his faith.

" When Warwick returned, with the object of his mission achieved, it was to find Margaret of England the betrothed of the Count de Charolais, and his embassy dishonoured.

Sir Ralph reluctantly quitted his betrothed: he made his escape moreover from the baron and the chaplain, who prayed his further tarrying, to share in another flagon of Rhenish about to be produced.

5 Verbs to Use for the Word  betrothed