75 Verbs to Use for the Word bites

He took an enveloping bite.

I ate a few bites of the sickish mixture until the streets were safe.

But after a while he got a royal bite.

I flew at him and gave him a savage bite on the ankle.

It is making the viper cure its own bite.

It was pleasant to feel the bite of the salt wind, and to see the trees and the rocks by the roadside slip past us, gaunt and spectral in the evening.

In another place Mr. Choate says, "that even the laughter of fools, and children, and madmen, little ministers, little editors, and little politicians, can inflict the mosquito-bite, not deep, but stinging." As this is one of the best of his sarcasms, we give it the advantage of the circulation of the "Atlantic,"generous and tidal circulation, as he himself might call it.

Robbins, while we snatch a bite you bunch what canteens we've got and fill 'em up.

Not one of the three received a bite.

Feet and face were rubbed with snow to restore circulation and to prevent frost-bite.

The boys afterwards learned that he had not tasted a bite for two days, and they wondered at his having shown even as much patience as he did.

" "He'd wipe out the score of what's left of one hundred and eight," said Sukey, swallowing his last bite of biscuit at one gulp and examining the priming in his gun.

They had to cook for the men and were not allowed a bite till they had finished their meal.

If I 'ad any money in my pocket I'd 'ave a bite while you're gone.'

In winter it is often necessary to help them out of the machine and attend to the chilled parts of the body to avoid frost-bite.

I'llI'll'Marse Dugal' went on at a tarrable rate, but eve'ybody knowed Marse Dugal' bark uz wuss'n his bite.

No man makes "two bites of a cherry."

Whenever you need a bite between meals, just drop in.

We'll pick a bite of supper and then we surround that hill, quiet as mice, and close up on him.

Trails"it permits itself to be bitten by poisonous snakes, treating the bite with utter indifference.

But I'll wager something it was really Adam whotaking a purely scientific interest in the businessegged Eve on to try a bite of apple, asserting that the domestic menu lacked variety, telling himself if she died of it, it would only cost him another rib to replace her, and cheap at the price.

Once a dog, however, has displayed dangerous propensities, even though he has never had the satisfaction of effecting an actual bite, and once his owner or the person who harbours him becomes aware of these evil inclinations (scienter) either of his own knowledge or by notice, the Law looks upon such dog as a dangerous beast which the owner keeps at his peril.

I do not enjoy a bite unless my mind has some nourishment too.

But the whale had received several wounds and the water was tinged with its life-blood; for plunge and lash as it would, it could not escape the bites of its enemies.

Yes, gentlemen, my only 'Academe,' My sole 'Gymnasium,' are my woods and bowers; Of Afric and of Asia there I dream; And the Nymphs bring me baskets full of flowers, Arums, and sweet narcissus from the stream; And thus my Muse escapeth your town-hours And town-disdains; and I eschew your bites, Judges of books, grim Areopagites.

75 Verbs to Use for the Word  bites