8 Verbs to Use for the Word bleeds

It is in this scene Mr. Barry excells all his cotemporaries in tragedy; he there shews his power over our passions, and bids the heart bleed, in every accent of anguish.

At his challenge he shows his metal, for, contrary to all rules of physic, he dares bleed, though it be in the dog-days.

foul fall so foul deed![330] Poor chaste child of Fitzwater, dost thou bleed?

Within my song is much matter of hearts (in truth) and darts, of flames and shames, of yearnings and burnings, the which this poor heart must needs endure since it doth constant bleed and burn.

Ah! had you then beheld the valiant Knight Heap corse on corse; blood drenching all the ground; His own arms, hauberk, all besmeared with gore, And his good steed from neck to shoulder bleed!" Chanson de Roland (Rabillon's tr.).

Recall thyself: let not thy honour bleed With the foul wounds of infamy and shame.

A beauteous roe my toils enclosed in vain, Now I, her victim, drag the captive's chain; Strange the effects that from her charms proceed, I gave the wound, and I afflicted bleed! Vanquished by her, I mourn the luckless strife; Dark, dark, and bitter, frowns my morn of life.

Wide Nature felt her woe, and ceased to spring, And withered buds their vigor lost, and fling No more their fragrance to the lifeless air; The fruit-trees died, or barren ceased to bear; The male plants kiss their female plants no more; And pollen on the winds no longer soar To carry their caresses to the seed Of waiting hearts that unavailing bleed, Until they fold their petals in despair, And dying, drop to earth, and wither there.

8 Verbs to Use for the Word  bleeds