68 Verbs to Use for the Word blushes

If I remember rightly, our nine-year-old Lady Macbeths and Iagos, Falstaffs and Cleopatras, after they had been dipped in the divine alembic of childish innocence, came out so respectable that they would not have brought the historic "blush to the cheek of youth.

She has never 'had cause to wear the veil before the household' [to hide blushes or tears], or found that his 'lips can give sharper sting than their kiss can heal,' like the rest of us.

Barbara hoped Lister had not seen her blush and thought he had not.

When the most tender lover makes a woman blush for his appearance, when she dare not acknowledge him as her conqueror, when she does not even consider him as an object she can sacrifice with eclat, I predict that his reign will be short.

" Lenore felt the blushes in her cheeks and was glad Dorn did not look at her.

Victorine stopped, called up a blush to her cheeks, and said: "

The baths were scenes of orgies consecrated to Bacchus, and the frescos on the excavated baths of Pompeii still raise a blush on the face of every spectator who visits them.

The struggling pangs of conscious truth to hide, To quench the blushes of ingenuous shame, Or heap the shrine of Luxury and Pride With incense kindled at the Muse's flame.

"Eivé," said Enva one day, "never salts her tears or paints her blushes."

It is a sad one, but, thank God, there's nothing in it at which I need blush.

My blundering apology and evident embarrassment deepened Miss Cullen's blush five-fold, and she explained, hurriedly, "I found I was tired, and so, instead of writing, I went to my room and rested.

And ever as the sad lament Would thus her lips divide, Her lips, like sister roses bent By passing gales, elastick sent Their blushes from the tide.

" Whereupon Doctor Holiday, who happened not to observe the blush, remarked that he couldn't see what that had to do with it.

XIV "To spare your blushes, and maiden fears, I resorted to these inventions But, Imposture, begone; and avaunt, Disguise!"

"Oh, you scamp!" said Mr. Maurice, quickly then detecting the blush. "Don't say a word!

Steinbeck tells how invaders blush at wild Italian welcome.

She carried a fan, which seemed to serve for a number of purposes: to raise artificial breezes, cover imaginary blushes, and flirt itself against the hands or other portions of the persons of gentlemen making complimentary speeches.

jury of matrons were to examine her and give their opinion, whether she was, or was not a Virgin: This scrutiny the Countess did not care to undergo, and therefore entreated the favour that she might enter masked to save her blushes; this was granted her, and she took care to have a young Lady provided, of much the same size and exterior appearance, who personated her, and the jury asserted her to be an unviolated Virgin.

Love had not the same effect upon her, especially at the present moment, which it would have had upon a person instructed to feign a blush, and inured to a consciousness of wrong.

" She turned to find a slow, painful blush rising in her daughter's face.

Next (like Aurora) Spenser rose, 7 Whose purple blush the day foreshows; The other three with his own fires Phoebus, the poet's god, inspires; By Shakespeare's, Jonson's, Fletcher's lines, Our stage's lustre Rome's outshines: These poets near our princes sleep, And in one grave their mansion keep.

Mrs. Heeny gasped, a blush empurpling her large warm face.

He gave to the cheek the blush and to his draperies gracefulness.

Clotilde answered with a happy, meaning look, which intensified the blush, and then leaning affectionately forward and holding the maman's eyes with her own, she said: "You have my consent.

So I interpreted this intolerable, overwhelming blush.

68 Verbs to Use for the Word  blushes
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