932 Verbs to Use for the Word boies

I measured the distance the next day, and found it to be twenty-seven feet five inches; and afterwards frequently saw the school-boys, when engaged in athletic exercises, make running leaps of between thirty and forty feet, backwards and forwards.

The Easter holidays came and went as rapidly as Easter holidays always do, and before the Alliance had recovered from the excitement connected with their first experience of breaking up at Ronleigh, they were back again, greeting their friends, asking new boys their names, and, in short, commencing their second term as regular old stagers.

I told W. I had spent a very cold and uncomfortable hour at the house, and I was worried about the cold, thought I might, perhaps, send the boy to mother, but he had taken his precautions and arranged with the Minister of War to have a certain amount of wood delivered at the house.

He told the first boy he called up, and who did not seem to be more than seven or eight years of age, to add 5, 3, and 7 together, and tell him the result.

"Yes; onlyIwell, if you want to know it, mama, it's no fun for a girl to bring a boy like Lester up here inin this crazy room, all hung up with gramaw's wreaths and half the time her sitting out there in the dark, looking in at us through the door and talking to herself.

Without stopping to think or look round again, she took up her boy and descended the stairs, and entered the room where they had supped on the previous night.

Well, we can't do anything for him now, poor fellow, but he left a boy I think?"

It is situated in the midst of Surrey; and here are to be found over two hundred boys rescued from the streets of our great cities.

"I knew the old boy, and he wasn't the sort to care a hoot in Sheol for treasure, buried or unburied.

"Why don't you and O'Flynn go down to meet the Boy, and come round by the woods?

how did you get away?""What have they been doing?""How did you escape?" "Oh, such a lark!" cried the boy.

For I haven't loved the boy as I ought to, and I am afraid to look you in the face, and you won't let me take my eyes awayyou won't let me!

In his sitting-room was a map of the world, with pins stuck in it marking the probable positions of the ships in which his "kings" (as he called his boys) were to be found in various parts of the world.

" "What I was thinkin'," replied the Boy slowly, "was that it was the only clean gold I'd ever seenbut it isn't so clean as it was.

This school taught the boys and girls of Calabar many trades.

"You say Father Brachet has got boys, and"as though this were a yet deeper brand of iniquity"girls?" Nicholas, though greatly mystified, nodded firmly.

The owner stood there smoking while the night gang knocked off work under his nose and helped the Boy to get the Colonel on his feet.

" "Gee!" exclaimed the younger boy in delight.

Suppose he is killed, as I killed that poor boy!...

"I liked it all, but Billie only likes the last partabout the boys," said Laura, and again Billie had a wild desire to shake her.

Jack waited until the rest were scattered, and then, leading the boys aside, said, sternly: "Don't you know you can be put in prison for this?

Captain Graham called out "Follow me boys!" which we did for awhile, but in the darkness the Indians made good their escape.

But Dick was unconscious, the strain of the early part of the night, the desperate fight through the brakes, all had told on the slight frame, and Jones stood up to his middle in the dark water, holding the fainting boy.

To set ould Ireland free, boys, To set ould Ireland free, There came a man from Amsterdam To set ould Ireland free!"

She knew that Olaf wanted a boy.

932 Verbs to Use for the Word  boies
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