53 Verbs to Use for the Word brass

You would have made a new ideal of St. John Rivers, who was infinitely the best material of the two, and possibly gone on to your dying day in the belief that his cold and hard soul was only the adamant of the seraph, encouraged in that belief by his real and high principle, a thing that went for sounding brass with that worldly-wise little philosopher, Jane, because it did not act more practically on his inborn traits.

The chancel contains the magnificent brass of John de Campeden who was Wykeham's Master of the Hospital and who was responsible for raising the church and domestic buildings from a ruinous state to one of comeliness and good order.

They came out of their garrets, took rooms on the second floor, polished their brasses and became Persons.

The polished pillar different sculptures grace; A work outlasting monumental brass.

Here indeed was a discovery, and instead of picking up at the end of the passage a little brass or silver casket, which had only to be opened to show Blackbeard's diamond gleaming inside, I had stumbled on the Mohunes' vault, and found it to be nothing but a cellar of gentlemen of the contraband, for surely good liquor would never be stored in so shy a place if it ever had paid the excise.

Two and a half miles from Leatherhead is situated the ancient church of Stoke d'Abernon, famous for possessing the oldest brass in England.

On these expeditions they travel in numerous caravans, with great trains of camels, carrying brass, silver, and other articles, to Tombucto and the country of the Negroes, whence they bring back gold and melhegette, or cardamom seeds.

Note (1) in N. chapel a piscina; (2) in chancel a brass (said to have once been on an altar-tomb) of the date 1439.

The seamen, cleaning brass or polishing wood, were pretending extraordinary occupations in order to get near her.

The small servant, friendly to Kit, and hating her employers, lost no time in repeating what she had heard to Mr. Garland, and he, the notary, and the strange gentleman, after carefully arranging their plan, confronted the Brasses with evidence of their guilt so overwhelmingly true, that they could do nothing but confess their crime, and Kit's innocence, while Mr. Garland hastened to him with the glad news of his freedom.

Donovan craned over as they passed, and saw, half-buried in the soft ground, the battered brass of one of their own shell cartridges.

Why, th' poor fellow desarves his brass iv he niver gev a farthin' for th' stuff to mak 'eni on.

may I die game, and you die brass,

Tin is produced in the midland regions; in the maritime, iron; but the quantity of it is small: they employ brass, which is imported.

We shall erect monumental brasses in their honour.

He's fired t' mine and made widows and orphans by t' score," "Ay," said the other, "but there's a worse villain behoind, that found t' brass for t' job and tempted this one.

or I'll force the brass!"

When it becomes necessary to key up your brasses, you will find it a good safe way to loosen up the set screw which holds the key, then drive it down till you are satisfied you have it tight.

Selwyn knew the vaults as thoroughly as old Anthony Wood knew the brasses.

The workman dug till they found water; and having laid the foundation of stone and melted brass, they built the superstructure of large pieces of iron, between which they packed wood and coal, till the whole equalled the height of the mountains [of Armenia].

I'd have a nice little farm in the country, and I'd grow roses, and breed sheep and pigs, and" "And lose all your brass in a couple of years!"

They also saw abundance of pine trees, and found pieces of lapis calaminaris, such as is used for mixing with copper in the process for making brass; and which some of the seamen mistaking for gold concealed for a long time.

Though it doan't matter a brass farthin to me what 'ee says.'

hexagonal market-cross, crowned with a very graceful spirelet: note brass on one of the piers to Walter Buckland and Agnes, his wife.

Some makers employ brass valves, and others pin brass on the valves, leaving the cylinder with a cast iron face.

53 Verbs to Use for the Word  brass
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