112 Verbs to Use for the Word breached

No consciousness of having committed any breach against the laws of hospitality.

I was once that kind of a goose myself, and it widened a breach that did not then exist except in my mind; widened it until at last it became a real breachmy husband went elsewhere for his companionship.

Lady Chatterton endeavored all within her power to heal the breach between Kate and her husband, but it greatly exceeded her abilities.

Wherever the battering-rams had beat down any part of the wall, and the bridges were thrown out, instantly the argyraspides mounted the breach with the utmost valor, being led on by Admetus, one of the bravest officers in the army, who was killed by the thrust of a spear as he was encouraging his soldiers.

This contumacy, in the opinion of the parliamentary leaders, called for prompt and exemplary punishment; and it was artfully suggested that, by making Monk the minister of their vengeance, they would open a wide breach between him and their opponents.

Broken Tooth and his courageous engineers had at last repaired the breach, and the water in the pond began to rise.

The mother could never conceive a son of the house of Sprague making such a breach on the family traditions as a union with a Boone.

At the commencement of the siege, the Ottoman engineers had displayed so little knowledge of the mode of using artillery to effect a breach that a Hungarian envoy from John Hunyady, who visited Mahomet's camp, ridiculed the idea of their producing any effect on the walls of Constantinople.

Nothing occurred, however, to cause any breach of authority.

She gives the charge, makes the stand, assaults the fort, and enters the breach.

Disputes as to the interpretation of a treaty, as to any question of international law, as to the existence of any fact which if established would constitute a breach of any international obligation, or as to the extent and nature of the reparation to be made for any such breach, are declared to be among those which are generally suitable for submission to arbitration.

What makes my lord so careless and secure, To leave the breach and here lament alone?

The magistrates, if their presence was ever discovered, said they went to prevent a breach of the peace, but if they were unable to effect this laudable object, they looked on quietly so as to prevent any one committing a breach of the peace on themselves.

To become reconciled to a friend with whom you have broken, is a form of weakness; and you pay the penalty of it when he takes the first opportunity of doing precisely the very thing which brought about the breach; nay, he does it the more boldly, because he is secretly conscious that you cannot get on without him.

I cannot believe it can run clear and kindly yet; or that a few fine words, such as candour, liberality, the light of a nineteenth century, can close up the breaches of so deadly a disunion.

When one died his brother filled up the breach.

Or had the Canon made a breach Into our rich Escuriall, down to beat it About our eares, shoo'd I to stop this breach Spare even our richest Ornaments, nay our Crowne, Could it keepe bullets off? Car.

glory be to God, there doth trusty Eric tell us he hath made an end of such as stormed the breach.

If he is to avoid a linguistic breach, he must constantly have his wits about him; must study out his combinations carefully, and use all his knowledge, all his tact.

Meanwhile the first column under Nicholson escaladed the breaches near the Cashmere gate, and pushed along the ramparts toward the Kabul gate, carrying the several bastions in the way.

She is here a dedicated virgin, and her mystic love for Apollo does not seem to have suffered any breach.

The inversion does not mean any grave breach of order, which is fixed by a secondary precept and as a circumstance of light importance.

I reined up my horse and explained this to him, asking him at the same time whether he saw any breach of honour in my leaving him.

But 'tis a breach, at least, of the two last, to deceive me.

It is surely, sir, more rational to believe, that the house may punish any breach of its orders at a distant time, that if our censure is once eluded, it may be afterwards enforced; and, therefore, that the question put to the person at the bar ought not to be asked, because it cannot safely be answered.

112 Verbs to Use for the Word  breached