66 Verbs to Use for the Word browns

Dip in beaten egg and fine bread-crumbs and fry a golden brown.

Put turkey in dripping-pan and let bake a rich brown.

One could not but feel that each had turned its golden brown, just as an apple reddensas, indeed, it had.

Then spread with a meringue and let brown in the oven a few minutes.

The reflection from the grate touched her hair and it shone a smooth golden-brown.

Tall were these men and lusty, bedight from head to foot in glistening mail, alike at all points save that one bare neither shield nor lance, and 'neath his open bascinet showed a face brown and comely, whereas his companion rode, his long shield flashing in the sun, his head and face hid by reason of his ponderous, close-shut casque.

It was painted dark brown, years ago, with red about the window frames, and the yard in front was full of flowers that Aunt Prue had the care of, and the yard at the back was deep and wide with maples in it and a swing that she used to love to swing in; she was almost like a little girl then herself.

I had been fortunate in killing seven brown bears, while Blake had killed three brown and one black, and our natives had killed one brown and one black bear, making a total of thirteen between the 7th and 28th of June.

They paint their breasts and foreheads with the symbolical figures of Vishnu and Shiva, and dye their ragged hair dark reddish brown.

THE TREE The Tree's early leaf buds were bursting their brown; "Shall I take them away?" said the Frost, sweeping down.

He was a white-haired man, and his face was burnt a deep brown.

The rain brought out the colors of the woods with delightful freshness, the rich brown of the bark of the trees and the fallen burs and leaves and dead ferns; the grays of rocks and lichens; the light purple of swelling buds, and the warm yellow greens of the libocedrus and mosses.

"Don't you like brown?"

Huddled here and there were groups of people wearing Oriental costumes of the Bible days, their skins stained brown, the make-up on their faces showing hideously in the strong light.

GOOSE LIVER WITH GLACÉD CHESTNUTS Prepare as above and garnish with chestnuts which have been prepared thus: Scald until perfectly white, heat some goose-fat, add nuts, a little sugar and glaze a light brown.

The glacial winter came on, loading the cooling mountain with ice, which flowed slowly outward in every direction, radiating from the summit in the form of one vast conical glaciera down-crawling mantle of ice upon a fountain of smoldering fire, crushing and grinding for centuries its brown, flinty lavas with incessant activity, and thus degrading and remodeling the entire mountain.

She grew rosy brown; her hair seemed to sparkle along its crisp ripples; her little throat filled itself out, round and firm; she walked with a spring and a swing; she sang and whistled, no Mrs. Hudson near to scowl at her.

At her side sat a lady: older, with a quiet, grave face; complexion dark and not noticeable; hair the brown we see every day; eyes brown and expressive, but not finer than we often see.

Deerstalker hatlight brown.

They merely smiled and said, "Cer-tain-lee," and Boggley irritated me more and more by solemnly repeating: "It is not good for the Christian soul to hustle the Aryan brown, For the Christian riles and the heathen smiles

Now the first snowflake idling down Stars the depressing landscape brown.

It don't rise neither to one side nor t'other, but jest even all 'round; and it a'n't white one side and burnt the other, but jest a good brown all over; and it don't have no heavy streak in it.

It was enough thought for him to listen to the whispered stories of the sisters in the long evenings, and, half-heard, try and make an end to them; to look drowsily down into the garden, where the afternoon sunshine was still so summer-like that a few hollyhocks persisted in showing their honest red faces along the walls, and the very leaves that filled the paths would not wither, but kept up a wholesome ruddy brown.

The fur is very soft and fine; that on the back, from the back to the insertion of the tail, as well as that on the upper part of the shoulder before, and nearly the whole of the hinder thigh, is formed of tri-coloured hairs, the base of which is of a dark lead colour, the middle white, and the extremity light rufous brown.

Blue eyes?" "Yes." "An' ha'r that sometimes looks black an' sometimes yaller-brown?" "Yes, that's the one all right.

66 Verbs to Use for the Word  browns