6 Verbs to Use for the Word buffer

As a youngster of three I had babbled of "bars an' buffers," and woven fantastic and marvelous tales of fiction about my imagined adventuresa habit, alas!

Meanwhile he has successfully electrified all the old buffers.

warn't more 'n proper, you know, Each should funnish his part; an' sence they found the toe, An' we wuzn't cherubswal, we found the buffer, For fear thet the Compromise System should suffer.

Perhaps, too, a neutral Poland would form a useful buffer between Germany and Russia.

It is very easy to see why England turns red in the Crimea with the effort to lift up that bag of rags called Turkey, to set it on the overland route to India; one decayed nation makes a very good buffer to break the shock of natural competition in the using up of another.

" She picked up a buffer from the litter of ivory and silver on the dresser and began to polish her already glittering nails, turning her head this way and that, preening her neck, biting her scarlet lips to deepen their crimson, opening her eyes wide and half closing them languorously.

6 Verbs to Use for the Word  buffer