51 Verbs to Use for the Word bug

When this boy took a seat, a young girl read some verses that she had clipped from a newspaper: "Don't kill the toads, the ugly toads, That hop around your door; Each meal the little toad doth eat A hundred bugs or more.

"I wonder how you got the bug, and what'll come of it.

I'm scared of snakes and flying bugs and things like that.

He talked of George Washington, of Andrea del Sarto, of melon-growing, trimming pepper-trees, the Divina Commedia, fighting rose-bugs, of Schopenhauer and of Florencea great deal about Florence, a city that seemed to hang in his mind as a sort of Renaissance background for everything else, even for melon-growing.

* N. makes a living by exterminating bugs; and for the purposes of his trade he reads the works of .

" "But Johnny Wren works too, doesn't he?" asked Nat; "he is always taking home bugs and things, and he sings as if he would split.

You must save that poor little bug.

"Will you let me alone, child?" "No, no; I want the bug myself," cried Dotty, pricking Norah on the cheek.

If ornamental hedges waste water and bring bugs and are contrary to practical ranching ideas, whywell, why not?

A German corps crossed the Bug to north and south and closed in on the rail-road, the Sixth Austro-Hungarian Corps under Corps General of Infantry Arz attacked the centre.

She detailed a bug for every root, worms to build nests on every tree, others to devour every leaf, insects to attack every flower, drought or deluge to ruin the crops, grasshoppers to finish everything that was left.

" BEES TEACHER"Tommy, do you know 'How Doth the Little Busy Bee'?" TOMMY"No; I only know he doth it!" BEETLES Now doth the frisky June Bug Bring forth his aeroplane, And try to make a record, And busticate his brain! He bings against the mirror, He bangs against the door, He caroms on the ceiling, And turtles on the floor!

This drew bugs, Miss Lavinia declared, and had been torn down.

So ef you'll sen' Lightnin' Bug down heah, I'll sen' yo' nigger 'oman back, en we'll call de trade off, en be ez good frien's ez we eber wuz, en no ha'd feelin's.'

Personally, I do not consider that fleas, mosquitoes, or any other recognised insect pests (excepting, perhaps, harvest bugs) are so utterly unendurable as the "little, busy, thirsty fly."

And why did you insist on letting fall the bug, instead of a bullet, from the skull?" "Why, to be frank, I felt somewhat annoyed by your evident suspicions touching my sanity, and so resolved to punish you quietly, in my own way, by a little bit of sober mystification.

"If he happens to fancy a rose-bug or juicy ant, he dashes to the leaf or grass-blade on which the insect is crawling, hovers a moment in the air to take aim, and then snatches the bug off.

Me feered de bug!

Yet let me flap this bug with gilded wings, This painted Child of dirt, that stinks and stings; Whose buzz the witty and the fair annoys, Yet wit ne'er tastes and beauty ne'er enjoys: So well-bred spaniels civilly delight

If he even see a straddle-bug start to go anywheres, he would bet you how long it would take him to get toto wherever he was going to, and if you took him up, he would foller that straddle-bug to Mexico but what he would find out where he was bound for and how long he was on the road.

Now, in case I hear a June bug buzz like an electric fan blowing soap bubbles, I'll tell you in the next story about Buddy Pigg in a boat.

The antennæ are" "Dey aint no tin in him, Massa Will, I keep a tellin on you," here interrupted Jupiter; "de bug is a goole-bug, solid, ebery bit of him, inside and all, sep him wingneber feel half so hebby a bug in my life.

I was being awfully selfish when I refused to do anything to help that little bug.

Yet, in defiance of all this, we were induced occasionally to brave the terrors of the night, in order to admire that beautiful insect the fire-fly, or as it is called by the natives, "lightning bug."

I reported at head-quarters, and they asked me if I killed the bugs before I put the paper down.

51 Verbs to Use for the Word  bug