243 Verbs to Use for the Word burdened

Weary men and women bear their burdens thither; triumphant souls bring shining faces and uplifted brows; love and dreams cluster round the church, and the life of the soul, silent and hidden, is subtly acted upon by persuasions and convictions that rule the heart amid the fiercest storms and temptations of the world.

Another consequence of the diminished gravity here is, that both men and animals carry much greater burdens than on the earth.

You refuse to lay your burdens on him who offered to bear them; and you refuse to bear them yourself.

The woman simply takes the burden and hugs it and "feels" itand prides herself on doing it.

It was her sister Mary who first spoke about it, having seen with sorrow how changed the once happy blind sister had become, and longing to lighten her burden.

While the Constitution imposed on them the burden of militarism, it had brought with it the compensation of freedom of religion and equal rights; and we could not forget that for six hundred years Turkey has held her gates wide open to the Jews who fled from the Spanish Inquisition and similar ministrations of other civilized countries.

This discovery removes all objections to the existence of living Globigerinoe at great depths, which are based upon the supposed difficulty of maintaining animal life under such conditions; and it throws the burden of proof upon those who object to the supposition that the Globigerinoe live and die where they are found.]

The manufacturer, who by the use of spirituous liquors weakens his limbs or destroys his health, at once, takes from the community to which he belongs, a member by which the common stock was increased, and by leaving a helpless family behind him, increases the burden which the common stock must necessarily support.

Gaynor was by far the older man, King's senior by a score of years, and obviously had begun to feel the burden of the latter greying days.

" CHAPTER XXII THE GOING HOME "Despair lies down and grovels, grapples not With evil, casts the burden of its lot.

But, for that she is proud and of an high estate, for that I am I, a poor worker of iron whom men call Beltane the Smith, fit but to sigh and sigh and forever sigh, to dream of her and nothing moreso must I go hence, leaving the sweet silence of the woods for the strife and noise of cities, learning to share the burdens of my fellows.

But once he had gained his equilibrium, he carried the wounded man easily enough to the window through which George reached his long arms and lifted out the burden.

They shoulder the burdens of the whole family and a few outside the family.

To give to one single soul the double ideal of the soldier and the monk, to impose upon him this double charge, to fix in one these two conditions and in one only these two duties, to cause to spring from the earth I cannot tell how many thousands of men who voluntarily accepted this burden, and who were not crushed by itthat is a problem which one might have been pardoned for thinking insoluble.

To ease every burden, and let the oppressed go free, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and what the very poorest can docomfort the mourner; to nurse the sick, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and so keep ourselves unspotted from the selfishness of the worldThis is that true Religion, acceptable in the sight of God the Fatherand happy he who has so served God.

The chambermaid, white with shock at that cry, dropped her burden of towels in the open doorway and fled.

She assumed the burdens; she carried them; she wore herself out at it; it is all her own fault.

When the coal-forest area became slowly depressed, the waters must have spread over it, and have deposited their burden upon the surface of the bed of coal, in the form of layers, which are now converted into shale, or sandstone.

"You carry him the rest of the way," he commanded, and set his burden in Nicholas's arms.

He had been very willing to leave the burden of this painful inquiry to the man who had no personal feelings to contend with; but at this indignant cry he started forward, and, with an air of fatherly persuasion, remarked kindly: "You mustn't mind the official tone, or the official persistence.

Well, he would come soon; but he must bring his burden with him.

to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?'

So heavy, indeed, lay the burden of sin upon him that he envied the very dogs, wishing that he could change places with them.

If he ate honeysuckle instead of hard-tack would he be squeezed for his scents to fill ladies' smelling-bottles?" "I don't know that sense is always a recommendation to women," Jack shifts his burden to say tentatively, as Barney, involved in a more than commonly obstinate brier, loses the thread of this joco

Had he a right to place a burden so appalling on himself?

243 Verbs to Use for the Word  burdened