50 Verbs to Use for the Word butlers

" He drew aside to let Howard follow the butler between the two footmen drawn up beside the door, and they entered the dining-room.

"He took me in," replied the butler.

Katharine Newlin Burt (A); 19Dec63; R328072. Wanted a butler.

Behind his chair stood his English butler, grave, solemn-faced, attentive.

"Our pretty hostess had been helping a butler, as this talk went on, an' presently one of the other ladies joined her, an' never was any company so picturesquely an' amusingly served.

But all the servants are ready to swear it's your handwriting.' 'Beg your pardon, sir,' interposed the old butler, 'we didn't quite say that; but we'll all swear it isn't ours.

This lady not only disregarded the pain and the damp, but assisted in bringing the butler to.

His step-mother, however, determined to make the young culprit smart for his offences, and one day, when Mr. Newcome was absent, and Tommy refractory as usual, summoned the butler and footman to flog the young criminal.

A planter observed, "if I command my butler to stand for half an hour on the parlor floor, and it can be proved that I designed it as a punishment, I may be fined for it."

Walpole affirms that he had a great share in bringing Lord Dacre's footman, who had murdered the butler, to confess his crime.

"Suddenly, the Rector remembered that he had left his small prayer book on the Communion table in the morning; he turned, and asked the butler to get it for him before he blew out the chancel candles.

I have seen no stout, red-faced butler since I have been in England.

So, upon the fourth day of her freedom, despairing of any visit from John Saltram, Adela Branston ordered the solemn-looking butler to send for a cab, much to the surprise of that portly individual.

The Countess Schaffgotsch sent her butler with a message from the castle that she would be glad if we would call on her.

Then I went downstairs and got the acting butler to give me some sandwiches and a cup of coffee.

I have noticed that you have a decided admiration for appointments and services that are only appropriate in houses run on a really magnificent scale; where the corps of servants includes a butler and other trained functionaries.

Having occasion to entertain at dinner a number of useful follows, he instructed his butler to transfer the labels from a number of empty bottles of champagne to an equal number of magnums of dry ginger-ale, at ten shillings the dozen, and these were placed on the table.

May I order dinner for them?' 'Of course, they must have dinner,' said her ladyship, resignedly, as if the whole thing were an infliction; and Mary ran out and interviewed the butler, begging that all things might be made particularly comfortable for the travellers.

He raised gigantic bulls, bragged of selling cows for 120 guineas and more, and kept a noble butler in purple clothes and a large white wig.

Carmen motioned the Chinese butler to fill her guest's glass, which he had hardly touched.

"His Excellency has no salt," murmured the butler,at the same time placing one beside him.

For instance, do you suppose you and I, or anybody, would care for idling about and doing all sorts of things our better judgment tells us are inane, if it weren't that most of our fellow-beings are stupid enough to admire and envy that sort of thing, and that we are stupid enough to want to be admired and envied by stupid people?" "Did you notice the Sandys's English butler?" asked Adelaide.

I saw him withdraw his glove, and move the jewelled hand across his hair while passing the solemn butler, who gave it a quick recognition;the next moment we were seated.

I pay a commission to every steward an' butler in this neighborhood.'

An instance here came under my own observation of the beneficial results which sometimes arise from the punishment of transportation; knowing the difficulty of getting good servants, I was curious to learn how Mr. Boydell had procured his excellent butler, and on inquiry was surprised to learn that he had been sent out for robbing Madame Vestris of her jewels.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  butlers