37 Verbs to Use for the Word buyers

"If Ellen found a buyer at a number of shillings less, she would be lucky!

In the porch of a Presbyterian Church, in Philadelphia, in 1837, was suspended a card, containing the form of a deed, to be given to purchasers of lots in a certain burial ground, and to enhance the value of the property, and to entice buyers, the following clause was inserted, "No person of color, nor any one who has been the subject of execution, shall be interred in said lot.

To entertain those buyers who were interested in goods such as he manufactured in America; to win their friendship; to make them feel under obligation at least to inspect his line when they came to New Yorkthat was Max Tack's mission in Paris.

"Alexander Severus saith, 'He that buieth, must sell: I will not suffer buyers and sellers of offices.'"Ib., p. 737.

" "For mercy's sake, what for?" asked the buyer, in amazement.

West had no doubt sent word to him that he would shortly bring a buyer with him to the rendezvous.

Angel communicated the offer in an excited little letter, with the result that Mr. Leith and Henry met one morning in the bar-parlour of "The Green Man Still," and parted an hour or so after in a high state of friendship, and deeply pledged together to a mutual adventure of three hundred copies of a book to be called "The Book of Angelica," and to be printed in so dainty a fashion that the mere outside should attract buyers.

she said to herself, with a grim clasp on her rosary;"a fair face draws buyers, and our oranges must be turned into money; but he who does more than look has an affair with me;so gaze away, my master, and take it out in buying oranges!Ave, Maria!

Purchasers of standard articles describe by the telegraph-letter to a tradesman the exact amount and pattern of the goods required, and these are despatched at once; a system of banking, very completely organised, enabling the buyer to pay at once by a telegraphic order.

Either Mr. Denton has got religion, or else he's gone crazy, for he's giving us buyers a lot of orders nowadays that will mean the failure of the firm if we are obliged to obey them.

" "Sure I do," grinned the prospective buyer, highly elated, "and much obliged to you, too, Mr. Archibald.

"Even when this is done the title to the flock does not pass until they have been counted, but, nevertheless, the purchaser can hold the seller to the bargain if he does not make delivery, even though the purchase money has not passed, and by a like right the seller can hold the buyer if he does not pay up.

The resentment of disappointed expectations inclines the buyer to seek another market, and the civility to which his new correspondents are incited by their own interest, detains him, till those by whom he was formerly supplied, having no longer any vent for their products or their wares, employ their labours on other manufactures, or cultivate their lands for other purposes.

" "Haven't you got one for us?" inquired the cattle-buyer of Baugh.

We do not know which is worse in this traffic, the buyer or the seller; we think, on the whole, the buyer.

Usually he landed a buyer at the first shot.

It merely says, 'All rightshall wire details laterkeep possible buyer on.'

This market presented a picture of the greatest confusion; the animals stood on all sides between a multitude of trusses of hay and straw, the sellers crying and praising their wares without cessation, and leading the buyers here and there, partly by persuasion and partly by force, who also made no less noise than the former.

Of course, the man whose errand could be attended to by the office-boy is always the one who calls loudest for the boss, but with a little tact you can weed out most of these fellows, and it's better to see ten bores than to miss one buyer.

He had notified cattle-buyers of this vacation, and had invited them to visit him there either on business or pleasure.

Anything so thoroughly realistic that, as President Durand said, "The stones seemed to be, not painting, but the real thing," puzzled the ordinary picture buyer; and the American Art Union, which was the principal buyer of the day, and the dernier ressort of the young artist, was managed by a committee of ordinary picture buyers.

"Who dares to say that human beings who earn their living have no feelings?" "Well, if they don't say so out loud that is what they think," replied the buyer.

"It is naught, it is naught, saith the buyer; and when he is gone his way then he boasteth."

Do not think that I seek a buyer in you!

She knew that Raymond de Chelles had told the dealers he would sell his tapestries to anyone but Mr. Elmer Moffatt, or a buyer acting for him; and it amused her to think that, thanks to Elmer's astuteness, they were under her roof after all, and that Raymond and all his clan were by this time aware of it.

37 Verbs to Use for the Word  buyers