49 Verbs to Use for the Word cabbage

Once more "to dream of cutting cabbage," writes Mr. Folkard, "Denotes jealousy on the part of wife, husband, or lover, as the case may be.

Heat 2 tablespoonfuls of drippings in a pan; add the cabbage; cover and let stew with 2 apples, and 1 onion chopped fine.

"Yew're the feller that eat up all my winter cabbages.

To him succeeded Tacitus, who sank oppressed by the weight of rule; to him Probus, who perished in a military tumult; to him Carus, who was killed by lightning; to him Carinus, who was assassinated by one whom he had wronged; to him Diocletian, who, having maintained himself for twenty years, wisely forbore to tempt Nemesis further, and retired to plant cabbages at Salona.

I'm as glad I found this cabbage as if I had picked up ten cents!

If writing, fighting, and sailing don't fit me adequately to report any little disturbances your antiquated washboiler may blunder into, I'll go to raising cabbages.'

A kettle of soap-grease is stewing upon the stove, and the fumes of this, mingled with those that were generated by boiling the cabbage which we see upon the table, and by perspiring men in shirt-sleeves, and by boots that have forgotten or do not care where they have been, make the air anything but agreeable to those who are not accustomed to it.

he cried, as he smelled the cabbage.

He had a garden in which grew some cabbages and a few other vegetables; but he complained sorely of blight from the west winds.

This is a raison de plus for establishing an Entente in the kitchen and getting Marianne to show Britannia how to cook a cabbage.

The prejudice of all parties, however, disappeared so rapidly, that within ten years the potato had almost wholly driven the cabbage from the gardens of the cottagers.

" Kail in England simply expresses cabbage, but in Scotland represents the chief meal of the day.

(She gathers the chopped cabbage into her apron, and goes to the door)

We went out in the garden and dug the potatoes and got the cabbage.

Faster and faster went the cabbage down the hill, over and over, with Buddy inside, and he began to get dizzy, for he didn't know what was happening.

The best known, however, comes from Cornwall and was raised by the late Sir W.S. GILBERT, who introduced the Savoy cabbage.

You have tried to be too alive; and, now you are obliged to join the genus cabbage.

Garnish the dish with scooped carrots and turnips, and when liked, a little cabbage; all of which must be cooked separately.

Them peas an' beans an' cabbages an' porridges an' carrots an' turmitswhy, sir, they ain't nothink at all but water an' wind.

Nino asked if the maestro were peddling cabbages, that he should scream so loudly.

In the morning pour the cabbage, brine and all, in a large colander to drain; let the cold water from the tap run over it for about five minutes; then return the cabbage to the receptacle in which it was salted.

The mother praised also the cabbages, thus showing an admirably balanced mind; the little Sylvia fell in love with a vine-covered arbor; the elder daughter appeared to be secretly watching the many birds about the grounds, but when I pointed out several less-known species, she lost interest.

Ancient writers on foods mention the radish as used by the early Greeks and Romans, who fancied that at the end of three years its seed would produce cabbages.

The stumps of the brooms and embers from the fire are preserved and stuck in cabbage gardens to protect the cabbages from caterpillars and gnats.

Girls went out into the garden blindfold and pulled up cabbages: if the cabbage was well grown, the girl would have a handsome husband, but if it had a crooked stalk, the future spouse would be a stingy old man.

49 Verbs to Use for the Word  cabbage