10 Verbs to Use for the Word cactus

Sparsely over the dull surface grew the few shrubs that could survive the heat and dryness,stunted, unlovely things of burr, spine, thorn, or saw-edged leaf,all bent one ways by the sand blown against them,bristling cactus and crouching mesquite bushes.

Why, I've knowed 'em to hide behind a brown-bush, clump er cactus, or a rock, so mighty cunnin' thet ther ain't one scout in fifty would see 'em, let alone a stranger.

Son, I know every cactus clear to Bald Eagle.

She did not pass a cactus, or a thicket of mezquit, or a bowlder without anxious examination.

Well, I'm glad to be back in the show, 'cause there is more going on than there was in the hospital, where I put in a week while the doctors were pulling the cactus pin feathers out of pa that grew out on him in Indian Territory.

I saw both prickly-pear and mescal cactus, cedars, manzanita brush, scrub oak, and juniper trees.

Here and there, like solitary sentinels, stands out a tall cactus, with perhaps two or three heads or branches, growing perpendicularly with itself.

Here and there towered that giant cactus, the saguarra, a fluted shaft, thirty, forty, and even sixty feet high, with a coronet of richly-colored flowers, the whole fabric as splendid as a Corinthian column.

" "'Burbanked'?" "That's a new verb made out of the name of Luther Burbank, the man who has raised such marvelous flowers in California and has turned the cactus into a food for cattle instead of a prickly nuisance.

When one waters the cactus over its body, the waxy coating is washed away and the plant begins to rot.

10 Verbs to Use for the Word  cactus