5 Verbs to Use for the Word cancellation

Sufficient grounds there were for him to accept the cancellation of the proposal with equanimity.

Cicero frustrates the conspiracy of Catiline, having for its object the cancellation of debts, the proscription of the wealthy, and the distribution among the conspirators of all the offices of honor and emolument.

He assembled from Rome itself the lowest characters and such as were always eager for a revolution and as many as possible of the allies, by promising them cancellation of debts, redistribution of lands, and everything else by which he was most likely to allure them.

Declarations of the testator to the effect that he intended to revoke the will, will not be sufficient to prove a cancellation.

"Again, he has spelled cancellation and snivelly with single l, and cupellation, pannellation wittolly, with ll."Id.

5 Verbs to Use for the Word  cancellation