110 Verbs to Use for the Word cannon

We see that they have been "firing cannon in the fields near Paris, to bring on a rain."

He's at his books, and that means that he wouldn't hear a cannon.

Next time you come, bring us fifty cannons and ten howitzers.

The defences carried twelve cannon and six mortars.

The latter is crenelated, loopholed for musketry, and mounts six cannon of a very primitive kind.

He disobeyed, indeed, the orders of his superiors, but won success by the skill with which he planted his cannon, showing remarkable genius.

"They drag their cannons with them, And know how to use them, the impious ones; When they fire, the smoke forms in thick clouds: They are charged with shrapnel, Which falls like the hail of approaching spring.

"Take that thirty-two pound gun up on the bluff," commanded the colonel, pointing out an old iron cannon down by the shore.

The general believed he might have taken these two vessels, if he had allowed them to come close up with his ships, but did not choose to run any risk; wherefore, as soon as they came within gun-shot, he ordered all the cannon belonging to the two ships which remained afloat to be fired at them; on which, calling out in a loud voice, Tambarane!

"Turn the cannon under your charge, Sir, upon the royal army."

Major Arms, placing the cannon on a little knoll, limbered it up and left twenty men to guard it; and then, with the rest of the command, he crossed the river to meet the Indians.

We will send you cannon and ammunitions from the Parc Basfroi.

After this, fear came upon them, and they fled, leaving behind them some cannon, and many other things which they had taken on shore.

Here Russel's actions should my Muse require; And, would my strength but second my desire, 170 I'd all his boundless bravery rehearse, And draw his cannons thundering in my verse: High on the deck should the great leader stand, Wrath in his look, and lightning in his hand; Like Homer's Hector, when he flung his fire Amidst a thousand ships, and made all Greece retire.

Then I prepared myself within, putting myself in a posture of defence: I loaded all my cannon, as I called them, that is to say, my muskets, which were mounted upon my new fortification, and all my pistols, and resolved to defend myself to the last gasp; not forgetting seriously to commend myself to the divine protection, and earnestly to pray to God to deliver me out of the hands of the barbarians.

He now gave Mahomet proof of his skill by casting the largest cannon which had ever been fabricated.

The victory of Calatafimi, though of slight importance as regards acquisitionsfor we took only one cannon, a few rifles, and a few prisonershad an immeasurable moral result in encouraging the population and demoralizing the hostile army.

"Why it's just as if gun-powder blew it up," he said, for once he had seen a toy cannon that had burst on Fourth of July, from having too much powder in it.

Ticonderoga contained two hundred cannon, but only forty men, none of whom expected an attack.

Besides numerous prisoners and standards the left wing of the Vosges army has already captured 150 cannon.

About noon the Cavaliers grew weary of inaction; their importunity at last prevailed; and about two the king discharged a cannon with his own hand as the signal of battle.

When Colonel Manning, who commanded the fort, called for volunteers, few came, and these not as friends but as enemies, for they spiked the cannon in front of the statehouse.

The enemy abandoned their cannons.

Then loudly rang the trumpet call; Thundered the cannon from the wall, And shook the Scottish shore; Around the castle eddied slow, Volumes of smoke as white as snow, And hid its turrets hoar; Till they rolled forth upon the air, And met the river breezes there.

It requires more courage on some minds to write a book than to face a cannon. 14th.

110 Verbs to Use for the Word  cannon