114 Verbs to Use for the Word canvases

The Boy tilted the sled up by an ice-hummock, and spread the new canvas so that it gave some scant shelter from the snow.

It carries too much canvas forward and spills half the wind.

With what truth and fidelity to nature; with what holy calm, and child-like faith, and lofty aspiration has BROWN filled his glowing canvas!

Thou, Kneller, long with noble pride, The foremost of thy art, hast vied With nature in a generous strife, And touched the canvas into life.

O young Mariner, Down to the haven, Call your companion, Launch your vessel And crowd your canvas,

" "What a shame!" said Matilda, taking up a canvas.

If Mr. Morse is at leisure and disposed to undertake this work, he will please prepare his canvas and let me know when he is ready for my attendance.

Here stretched the canvas of the historic Cayetano, who Sunday after Sunday sowed the sawdust for his circus-ring.

The short day was passing; the entering light, where they had torn the canvas aside, grew dimmer.

She had barely strength to draw back, to pull the canvas closer to the rocks, to strive to hide.

Some of the Pymeuts with quick knives were cutting the canvas loose.

Finally the trainer formed the whole herd into a grand pyramid, with old Bolivar in the center, each elephant holding an American flag with his trunk, and waving it, and the audience broke out into a cheer that fairly ripped the canvas.

As he and Mac came out, Andrew was undoing the last fastening that held the canvas to the stakes.

Lanyard pressed the hat into his hand, picked up the canvas, replaced it in its frame, and tucked both under the princely arm.

She went to the wall King had built, moving the canvas aside just enough to look out, and stood there a long time.

Across this he fixed the canvas; were that glimpsed, its grimy-white would appear but a lighter-hued streak of granite.

He it was, who, abandoning the traditionary rule which loosened canvas only to a wind dead aft or well on the quarter, learned to brace up sharp on a wind and to baffle the adverse airs.

There was certainly enough, in the desperate manner with which Wilder pressed the canvas on the vessel, to excite distrust, either of his intentions or judgment, in the opinions of men less influenced by superstition than those it was now his lot to command.

When this was completed the four ships hoisted their canvas and sailed together for Holland.

Rushing at length into freedom's battle, he stood in its storm with his hand on the wheel of the nation's rudder, shouting many a bold word for God and the Truth, until, fulfilled of experience as of knowledge, God set up before him a canvas of utter darkness: he had to fill it with creatures of radiance.

The gauze of the gown where it blended with the background at the edge of the line of arm was so thin, seemingly made by a single brush-stroke, that it almost showed the canvas.

Perhaps the great exotic work painted far away in Belgiumthe Van der Goes triptychis the most memorable; but to choose an alien canvas is to break the rules of the game.

The next morning he bought a 36 x 24 canvas, and more brushes and tubes, and surreptitiously introduced them into the attic.

He raised the canvas and threw it out into the night, and then, remembering the guns, threw them after it.

There was nothing to see or do, the sea and sky both so black as to be indistinguishable, and the breeze barely heavy enough to distend the canvas, giving the schooner a speed not to exceed six knots, I suspicioned a storm in the hatching, but nothing evidenced its near approach.

114 Verbs to Use for the Word  canvases