84 Verbs to Use for the Word cashing

SOAPINGTON said he was glad to see me, and, seeing that it was me, he would be willing to infringe on his inflexible rule, and would allow me to pay CASH IN ADVANCE.

Have ye got the cold cash, Nal?" Honest Nal hung his head.

Now gentlemen, of every kind, Just step into my shop, And, as I'm hard to pacify, You'd better bring a sop; I'll dress you up in any style For which you choose to call, But then, you must bring ready cash, Because I shines for all.

Married men considered themselves very fortunate when they could get, on Saturday night, an order on a grocery or dry goods store for four or five dollars, and the single men seldom received more than $2 or $3 cash.

She took the cash and let the credit go, nor heeded rumblings of the distant drum!"

The editor of the "Fish Horn" went on a pleasure trip, to plant a rich ant who had died and left him some cash.

Garrevod, who wanted ready cash rather than a trading privilege, at once divided his license into two and sold them for 25,000 ducats to certain Genoese merchants domiciled at Seville, who in turn split them up again and put them on the market where they became an object of active speculation at rapidly rising prices.

Brother denies himself, denies his family, and gives her cash to buy rags, and now she and a stranger are cursing us for the shelter we gave her.

In the attic over this old 'adobe,' Don Juan Soberanes, from whom we bought this ranch, kept his cash in gold dust and slugs in a clothes-basket.

The people consume a vast deal of snuff and tobacco, for which they must pay ready money; and pedlars, who come about selling goods, as there is not a shop in the island, carry away the cash.

I only thought you might need a little cash at once.

Another stunt she did was to put lampblack all over the tenor's glove and he wiped it off on the prima's shoulders so she looked like a zebra in a bathing suit, and every time she would tell the firemen when the chorus men were getting fresh courage by smoking cigarettes in their dressing rooms, but that is all over now and my stage career is ended until I spend all this surplus cash.

"Bonsor jest pockets the pore dead man's cash," says McGinty, with righteous indignation, "and I've called this yer meetin' t' arbitrate the matter.

Parties getting up Clubs preferring cash to premiums, may deduct seventy-five cents upon each full subscription sent for four subscribers and upward, and after the first remittance for four subscribers may send single names as they obtain them, deducting the commission.

Thereupon the young man had offered it himself; but doubtless it was his father, Mathieu Froment, who advanced the cash, well pleased to invest it in the works in his son's name.

He offered me cash down; a cheque for five pounds sterling, or a note for a hundred francs; I could have it which way I liked.

As three o'clock approached, he would still be heard loudly counting his cash and shovelling the gold into wash-leather bags, and the silver into little paper-bags marked £5 apiece, in a wild rush to reach the bank before it closed.

And the crops may fail and leave us with our plans all knocked ter smash, And the mortgage may hang heavy, and the bills use up the cash,

"Here is an order on the bank; you can draw the cash as you need it.

Chorus: Tol, lol, &c. I have grown tired of Sydney town Since I’ve lost all my cash, And so will up the country go, And tell them of my smash.

FOOTNOTES: [Footnote 61: Sérailler, a member of the International, intrusted with a commission to London on behalf of the Central Committee to borrow cash for the daily pay of thirty sous to the National Guard.

You could fling your copper cash about in a land where a one-and-fourpenny piece was worth a hundred and ninety-two copper coins, where you could get a hundred good smokes to stick in your face for about a couple of bob, and where you could give a black cabby sixpence and done with it.

He gambles, wants all the women of the town, struts like a Ganymede in velvet shoes through Rome, and flings his cash about.

But when the plot exceeds what he can cultivate in this waywhen he has to give whole weeks to itthen, of course, he forfeits the cash every Saturday night, and soon begins to lose ground.

And I'd rather fund the cash as a nest-egg for Jenny.' "'Archie, you are too absurd!' snapped Cordelia, yet more than half inclined to laugh; for she used to be the jolliest woman in the world before the spray of the Whirlpool got into her eyes.

84 Verbs to Use for the Word  cashing
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