106 Verbs to Use for the Word catastrophes

"The question now is what means can be adopted to prevent a catastrophe.

Only Johnnie, speeding down the room away from it all, was doing anything rational to avert the catastrophe.

Etta Bamborough had never been disconcerted in her life yet; this incident came very near to bringing about the catastrophe.

I confess that I never saw the catastrophe of this character, while Bensley played it, without a kind of tragic interest.

I've been waiting for an hour now, and I can't help trembling, for I always fear some catastrophe.

Yet a study of the workings of the national mind as revealed in the German Press, and of diplomatic doings as shown in the German White Book, affords not a single instanceexcepting the Socialists' demonstrationsof any tangible, concrete effort made either by the German people or its representative diplomacy to avoid a catastrophe.

From Armenia's evil, apparently, springs Germany's goodbut in 1911 Dr. Rohrbach did not foresee the catastrophe of 1915.

"The curious reader may ask how I escaped the catastrophe of publishing the poem at last.

Still he survived his river catastrophe; and, though he gained little book learning, possessed such a good and retentive memory, and was so observant, that his mind became stored with vivid impressions of the scenes and surroundings of his youth, which he related with great effect in after-life.

But Zagut was not the only one who foresaw the catastrophe to which that embassy must inevitably lead: Al Raxid shared the same prophetic feeling.

"Well, if I were you I wouldn't anticipate catastrophe.

Between her present, too, and the night of Bosio's death, had come the attempt upon her own life, and all the sudden change that had followed the catastrophe.

According to him there was danger in hastening the catastrophe.

No, Massa Venner, we'll both stay in th' ol' mansion 'n' wait for th' Lord!" Nothing could change the old woman's determination; and her master, who only feared, but did not really expect the long-deferred catastrophe, was obliged to consent to her staying.

She hastily ran into the dining-room, then into my apartments; searched every closet; dreading all the time to behold some sad catastrophe.

"Why," said the gentleman, "I used to apprehend such a catastrophe, but God has made a providential opening, a merciful safety valve, and now I do not feel alarmed in the prospect of what is coming.

it would have "tickled the catastrophe" of each listener finelydoctors would have had to be called in, a vast amount of physic would have been required, and it would never have got paid for in these hard times so that bad debts would have been added to the general calamity.

As you may very naturally suppose, great excitement prevails here, and Mr. B.F. Thomas regrets the fatal catastrophe as much as any one else, but believes from all the circumstances that he was justifiable in what he did, although he would be as far from doing such an act when cool and deliberate as any man whatever.

Nobody could explain the catastrophe.

Marston had, in the interval, written to several of Sir Wynston's many relations, announcing the catastrophe, and requesting that steps might immediately be taken to have the body removed.

It sustained him, above all, at Gettysburg, where he had done his best, giving him strength to take upon himself the responsibility of that disaster; and, now, in these last dark days at Petersburg, it must have been the sense of having done his whole duty, and expended upon the cause every energy of his being, which enabled him to meet the approaching catastrophe with a calmness which seemed to those around him almost sublime.

It may be likened to a great wheel, which, from the increasing domination of mechanical forces, developed an ever-accelerating speed, until, by centrifugal action, it went off its bearings in 1914 and caused an unprecedented catastrophe.

After making known the catastrophe to Mr. Spicerwho was stricken voicelesshe stood silent for a minute or two, then said with quiet resolve: 'It's all up.

He, like his two companions, could have slipped off at any moment without danger to himself, but it would have been at the cost of their leader's life; nor could they shift their position and raise a weapon to fire into the room, where there was a prospect of hitting the daring youth at bay, without precipitating that catastrophe.

But no amount of prudence could have postponed the catastrophe for any length of time, for indeed the House of Lords had become an anachronism.

106 Verbs to Use for the Word  catastrophes