126 Verbs to Use for the Word cautions

" Among matters over which he exercised great caution were times of fasting, war, and sickness.

It would soon be three days since I had seen any of the Things; but still, I intended to use the utmost caution.

In an instant she had forgotten all caution, and was down close at his side.

The fact is, that in the hands of the physician, there is no medicine the administration of which requires greater caution and judgment than opiates, both from the susceptibility of infants to their narcotic influence, and their varying capability of bearing it; the danger, therefore, with which their use is fraught in the hands of a nurse should for ever exclude them from the list of domestic nursery medicines.

I was afraid on it at the very first, and therefore gave you that gentle caution.

But it is evident, that of contradictory opinions, one must be wrong; and the history of mankind does not want examples, that may teach caution to the daring, and moderation to the proud.

And I observed a very wondrous caution, and went away from it a little, unto the North, where I did see at a distance the shinings of fire-holes; the which did promise me warmth through my slumber.

She fixed her residence in Italy, where she gradually learned to neglect the caution which she had observed in England, till, after a year or two, reports arose of her intimacy with a servant whom she had raised from a menial situation to that of the chief officer of her household, and whom she admitted to a familiarity of intercourse which others besides her husband thought quite incompatible with innocence.

For he not only teaches that the former may sometimes be used at the close of a sentence, and the latter sometimes where "the sense is not completed;" but, treating cadence merely as a defect, adds the following caution: "The closing pause must not be confounded with that fall of the voice, or cadence, with which many readers uniformly finish a sentence.

A friend of the dancing master, who seemed to disregard the caution of the physician, and who could play on the violin, seeing that of the patient hanging up in the chamber, laid hold of it, and played directly for him the air most familiar to him.

Mary was conscious of a low bow from Beaumaroy; she remembered the caution he had given her, and herself made a deep curtsey; the old man made a slight inclination of his handsome white head.

A few days ago I could walk anywhere in my soft finnesko with sealskin soles; to-day it needed great caution to prevent tumbles.

"Shillito knew, but one learns caution," Cartwright remarked.

The shock of it made Donnegan relax his caution for an instant, and in that instant she came into the reach of the light.

But the colonel was apparently so desperate that he was willing to throw caution away.

It was in vain that Charles, from Cologne, where he had fixed his court, recommended caution; that he conjured his adherents not to stake his and their hopes on projects, by which, without being serviceable to him, they would compromise their own safety.

"I would advise caution, my Lord.

It is easy enough to understand and justify the Hindu caution.

On Aug. 10th the calculations of our observations shewed that there was something wrong, and on the 13th I perceived an anomaly in the form of the knife edge of one pendulum, and of its agate planes, and suggested cautions for repeating the observations.

That which seems to many to be a paradox in the matter under consideration in my opinion is of this kind; if we asserted that we ought to employ caution and confidence in the same things, men might justly accuse us of bringing together things which cannot be united.

he published A Caution and Warning to Great Britain and her colonies on the calamitous state of the enslaved Negroes in the British Dominions; and soon after this appeared, An Historical Account of Guinea, its Situation, Produce, and the general Disposition of its Inhabitants: with an Inquiry into the Rise and Progress of the Slave Trade, its Nature, and Calamitous Effects.

And when I had gone upward through six great hours, as I did say, I took caution for a place proper to slumber; for I was surely very wearied.

As he spoke, the voice repeated its caution: "Arch! stand firm, and from thy wall Let no ruined fragment fall!

Which conduct then is it which shows the more prudent caution chastising wicked citizens when one is able to do so, or fearing them? II.

Not until she felt the warmth of the sun on her back did her anxiety overcome her caution.

126 Verbs to Use for the Word  cautions