208 Verbs to Use for the Word ceremony

One evening I was called upon to perform a marriage ceremony.

" "That is indeed unaccountable, your aunt having witnessed the ceremony.

The senator friends of the liberators who had attended the ceremony looked on in moody silence.

We observe more ceremony in family life than others in the most formal public relations.

Pausanias describes the ceremonies that were practiced for consulting the oracle of Trophonius.

At twenty they underwent the ceremony of capping, and were considered men.]

Their worship is simple, commencing with silence and prayer, and they do not use the ceremonies and discipline common among most other Christians; but they are firm believers in the Christian faith, and many of them are spiritually-minded people.

Unfortunately, we were disappointed of seeing the ceremony, as it was over before we arrived.

The morning came; and at the Star and Garter, Richmondthe place appointed for the breakfastingaccompanied with one English friend, he impatiently awaited what reinforcements the bride should bring to grace the ceremony.

He seemed in truth about to enter upon his triumph, to celebrate in very flesh the ceremonies he had reverenced, to celebrate them in his own peculiar manner, freed of what was to him their bane and degradation.

This ended the ceremony for the day.

It was a usual practice of the Kings of England to repeat the ceremony of their coronation thrice every year, on assembling the states at the three great festivals.

" This concluded the interesting ceremony, which was followed by the usual festivities on such occasions.

The priests, in sumptuous robes, conducted the funeral ceremonies, which were very similar to the Catholic.

He soon finished these ceremonies, and then continued his way toward the Bower of Nature.

During the rejoicings which followed this inauspicious ceremony, Philip's proscription against the Prince of Orange put forth its first fruits.

If not, I do wish you would waive ceremony and come and dine with us.

"After pressing me a good deal, the empress said: 'I had intended to marry you in a few days, or as soon as the preparations could be made; but I have now postponed that ceremony.

But yet that Look would call a Saint from th'Altar, And make him quite forget his Ceremony, Or take thee for his Deity:

"After the surrender the Yankees told the overseer to bring us all up in the front yard so he could read us the ceremony and he said we was as free as any white man that walked the ground.

The coronation of Philadelphus was made one of the most magnificent and imposing ceremonies that royal pomp and parade ever arranged.

A German Liederkrantz in the hall closed the ceremonies of the night with Mendelssohn's "Song of Praise.

The chief began the ceremony and while he was engaged all remained silent ....

The Archbishop of Mayence offered to anoint him according to the usual ceremony, but Henry refused, alleging that he was content to owe his election to the grace of God and to the piety of the German princes, and that he left the ceremony of anointment to those who wished to be still more pious.

Elliot then delivered a powerful and impressive address to the young married couple, on their social and domestic, as well as their spiritual duties; and a simple, but well-arranged repast at Rodolph's house completed the ceremonies of the day.

208 Verbs to Use for the Word  ceremony